Hair Füror Is The Least Bigoted Man He Knows, Just Ask Him

“There’s people in this country that are Jewish that no longer love Israel. I’ll tell you the Evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country. It used to be that Israel had absolute power over Congress and today I think it’s the exact opposite, and I think [Barack] Obama and [Joe] Biden did that. And yet in the election, they still get a lot of votes from Jewish people…which tells you that the Jewish people, and I’ve said this for a long time. The Jewish people in the United States either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel. I mean, you look at The New York Times, The New York Times hates Israel, hates them, and they’re Jewish people that run The New York Times, I mean the Sulzberger family.” —Hair Füror on the Unholy Pod

Now, it’s not like this is an aberration of some kind, after all there are fine people on both sides as Hair Füror said of the actual Nazis marching in Charlottesville, or that time when he said to a room full of Jewish people that they are known for wanting to “control” politicians through money, or that time when he posted an image of Hillary Clinton’s face atop a pile of cash next to the Star of David and the phrase, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

I suppose we could go on and on, but, you know, this is one thing Hair Füror has actually been consistent about his entire time in public: he’s a bigot and anti-Semite. And what you might notice is that there still is no push-back from Republicans on their 2024 Goat Rodeo Front Runner, so they got that working for them, too.

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11 Responses to Hair Füror Is The Least Bigoted Man He Knows, Just Ask Him

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    Evangelical “Christians” (they’re not) love Jews so much that they want them all to go to Palestine so Jesus will return and murder every one of them.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      For the gelicals it’s all about the end times sans the waiting. So I’m guessing here that in their view only their God knows the schedule, but if they’re good little X-tians having fallen for TFG and his bullshit then maybe God will (if they’re dedicated enough) alter his schedule. OTOH, I’m fairly certain that God is a little pissed at them for defying the teachings of his purported son Jebus…

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      • roket says:

        Too bad they don’t recognize COVID as a sign from their pissed-off God, but nooooo. They go with incoherent numerology and such instead and ignore the signs that are in their face. Sinners, I tells ya.

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    • Zorba says:

      Years ago, Molly Ivins used to call them “Talibaptists.”

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  2. It used to be that Israel had absolute power over Congress

    Does the man ever actually stop and listen to the endless stream of bullshit falling from his piehole? I may just be a silly commiesymp libtard but I was under the naive impression that AMERICA was supposed to have “absolute power over Congress”

    So I’m guessing the next MAGA slogan will be “Israel First, America, ehhh, second or third, who’s keeping track, huh???”

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  3. Reminds me of when we were kids and there’d always be that one loser who employed coercion, shame and bully tactics on kids (see: Jewish people) to get them to do what he wanted (see: voting “republican”). Oh why can’t he be like other fatty old f*cks of a certain age and just drop dead? (-from my keyboard to God’s eyes!).

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    • ali redford says:

      I hate it, and for me it’s awful, but I so often ask the same question, and for not even in a slow, painful way, just quick and painless. sigh

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    Face it. The only group this person truly endorses is rich dictators. I am anti-social, but I dislike all people equally. He is a bigot. Not surprised here that he is also against Jews.

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    • he is also against Jews

      I do wonder how much of this shit is attributable to his accountants testifying to the Grand Jury, since he infamously announced that he prefers (((those guys))) “with the beanies” to keep track of his money…

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  5. One step at a time. First, understand that the reason why none of this stuff ever “moves the needle” is because it is completely priced in, and has been for a long time — certainly before the escalator ride(*). Second, understand that the reason why it is priced in is because it is not-top down, it is bottom-up. The only thing that Trump’s antennae pick up is validation, and the only thing that emerges from his mouth is half-chewed recapitulations of what has been/is being said by the people who validate him.

    (*) There is a parallel universe in which his tie got caught between the treads; but we (alas) do not live there.

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