Ivanka’s Legacy, Cont.

From Lucky #4 Mark Meadows’ new book we learn that the infamous photo-op of Hair Füror in front of Saint John’s was the brain fart of our super-genius First Shady Ivanka Trump:

“A new book by former President Donald Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows offers a detailed account of the then-commander in chief’s infamous Bible photo-op at St. John’s Church in June 2020, during the height of the summer’s racial justice protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer,

“Meadows said it was Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who came up with the idea to ‘send a message to people of faith.’”

That entire family is mental.

We also learn that:

“Former President Donald Trump ordered his staff to “bust some heads and make some arrests” in order to clear out Black Lives Matter protesters surrounding the White House in summer 2020, according to a book by his former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

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6 Responses to Ivanka’s Legacy, Cont.

  1. And was that message supposed to be ‘Hold this bible scavenged from a Day’s Inn somewhere up upside down’ so that “people of faith” would know that Potus Pol Pot was ‘on their side’ if by ‘their side’ they meant pretty much the repudiation of everything their so-called ‘savior’ ever said and did?

    Because that was the message…

    (and yes, I know that his 2 Corinthians walk into a bar-style “Christianity” is very, VERY MUCH in line with that description…Supply Side Jesus with a machine gun.)

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  2. roket says:

    “Bring me the head of Mark Meadows,” Ivanka did not tell her father, maybe

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  3. Batman 54 says:

    I keep having this dream of Trump & co. marching again, but this time all handcuffed together.

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  4. TFG saying bust some heads as he hides in the basement shows his motivation, he acts like a tough guy bully to hide the fact he is a scared coward who cannot even fire someone face to face even when he is surrounded by armed Secret Service protection. It must be really hard to convince yourself you are the alpha male while screaming in fear. Scottie

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