Get Thee Hence

Gabriel’s Horn Remix

It ain’t natural. How does Infidel753 come up with these colossal lists, week-after-week, uninterrupted? I’m not saying he is league with Ol’ Scratch, but I cannot prove that he’s not. It ain’t natural.

And when you are done marveling at Infidel’s place, have you been to our pal Burr Deming’s, who has published his best of the web postcomplete with wry commentary at Fair and Unbalanced?

And to round off your day of avoiding church, you need to spend a few pleasant moments at Scotties Playtime for the Sunday funnies!

Programming note from CalicoJack at the Psy of Life: he’s hit a patch of busitude and will not be posting until next week.

This post will remain on top and fresher posts —if any!— will be below!

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    I want to thank Tengrain at mockpaperscissors for the Sunday shout out he gives for me and others. If you were ever bored on a Sunday go to the links above. But don’t forget to stop by and subscribe to for daily fun and news. Plus an outstanding group of commenters. Hugs

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