Terrible Human Being Sends Seasons Greetings

She’s the worst:

The Massie’s Christmas card thingie was bad coming a week after a mass killing at a school, but the participants in that photo were old enough to know better. Boebert’s kids are not only too young to know better, they are probably too young to be in possession of firearms.

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10 Responses to Terrible Human Being Sends Seasons Greetings

  1. At this point it’s obvious they’re just trolling, but the next election is going to be bugfuck insane; I predict many ammosexual MAGAt candidates will film themselves shooting targets made to look like their opponents.

    Like any drug, outrage needs higher and higher doses to be effective over time.


  2. MDavis says:

    The kid on the left has questionable trigger control, and he looks like the oldest of the bunch.


  3. sos says:

    I heard this was the JV “Massie hunting team”

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  4. Looks like a family of school shooters.


  5. E.A. Blair says:

    The Boeberts are more likely to shoot me in the six.


  6. R White says:

    As noted elsewhere on the inter webs: The manliest of men and supposed patriarch of this white trash grouping, Jayson, wasn’t available to pose for the family photo since he out engaging in his favorite pastime: that of showing young girls his tattooed genitalia…

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  7. roket says:

    Here in Illinois land, we call it the Dept of Children & Family Services (DCFS). If this poor excuse for a mother lived in IL I guarantee you she would be getting a visit from DCFS who would bring a van on the first visit to collect the children.


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