He Seems Nice

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Genetics are a bitch, kids.  That’s your presents.

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19 Responses to He Seems Nice

  1. MinuteMan says:

    Peace on earth and goodwill to man?

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  2. TheOtherHank says:

    Nice M60 he’s cradling. I wonder if he has a permit for it and the Tommy gun Mrs Shithead is fondling.

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    • Rev.Paperboy says:

      Was wondering exactly that myself. As far as I know, there is not a state in the union where it is legal to own an M60, not even Texas. And the while the Thompson might be grandfathered in somewhere somehow as an antique or museum piece or something, I suspect law enforcement would take a dim view of either of these military grade murder machines being in civilian hands. I’m guessing the bazooka was at the repair shop or something.


  3. xpldagain says:

    They are all classic military weapons. That doesn’t mitigate the sheer assholery of the pose, but it does suggest that they belong to one person and it’s not a casual photo of the day the kids all bring their rifles to Mom’s house for dinner. On the other hand, having that stack of bloody old hardware around the house strongly suggests that they have a bunch of recent acquisitions ready to rock when the race war begins, and autoloaders in every glovebox, and the gals all have a cute pink 9 sized for a lady’s hand in their purses, and so on.

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    • Martin Pollard says:

      Let ’em stockpile as much as they like. I’m envisioning the scene in Clear and Present Danger where a laser-guided bomb is dropped on a cartel gathering from umpteen miles away. His little pea-shooters aren’t going to defend him against something like that, and what’s more, he’ll never see it coming.

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    • Kiwiwriter says:

      I see Mama is armed with a Thompson submachine gun. Despite their reputation, they have a tendency to pull high and to the right, and can go through a clip far too quickly.

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  4. MDavis says:

    My guess – the one in the middle of the front row just got her first request for a date.
    Dad is sending a message – and using the same pic to please his base give his base a thrill up their collective thigh.

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    I think we’re missing the most disturbing feature of the photo — these creatures have spawned five times.

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  6. roket says:

    After the photo shoot and the eggnog, they then go outside to show off their weapons and hunt rabbit.

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  7. osirisopto says:

    So, his x-mas present to his family is to show the world they’re all dickheads with guns?

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  8. genelms says:

    No Bible anywhere to be seen is this NRA-porn ad. Heathens!

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  9. Redhand says:

    How much more evidence does one need to see that this is a very sick society we live in? How does one even begin to explain such gun fetishism to foreigners?

    Stuff like this makes me hate being an American.

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  10. spotthedog says:

    Sick fucks.


  11. angryspittle says:

    What a sick fucking family………


  12. angryspittle says:

    Great Dick Pic you gawddamned morons.


  13. Burr Deming says:

    Oh Come on, people!

    Several thousands of dollars of their own money (we assume) on assault weapons?
    Where’s the scandal?
    Okay, so it was just after another horrific school shooting.

    But, as most of our more balanced news media point out:
    They weren’t spending their money on anything truly destructive.

    Like frying pans.
    Or corded earphones.
    Or tan suits.


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