Hey Missouri, Whaddup?

Welcome to Missouri!
H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T

Missouri’s health department conducted an analysis that found that mask mandates saved lives and prevented Trump-Virus from spreading in the state’s biggest cities, but never made the report public.

Weird, innit?

The study  was conducted in early November at the request of the Republican Governor Mike Parson’s office, presumably to back up his opinion that local mask mandates are, you know, “WRONG.”

Whoopsie! The analysis showed that those four jurisdictions averaged 15.8 cases per day for every 100,000 residents, compared to 21.7 cases per day in unmasked communities. Mask mandates worked as designed! Yay, crisis averted and lives are saved as Missouri… wait, what’s that you say?

Rather than correcting course and saving the lives of his constituents, the governor’s office never released those findings to the public and instead Missouri AG Eric Schmitt has sued St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City, and Jackson County to block enforcement of their mandates.

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7 Responses to Hey Missouri, Whaddup?

  1. roket says:

    Conscientious conservatives embrace the 7 deadly sins and flaunt the 10 commandments and most of them are evangelicals. Odd that.

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  2. Blood and souls for Lord Arioch !

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Lemmings I tell you. They have become Lemmings and are rushing headfirst to their deaths.
    On the other hand, it sure serves the science-denying rethugs right. We may never have to worry about a rethug majority again, ever.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I would love to know how much this suicide pact is costing taxpayers. Litigation isn’t cheap.

    Party of fiscal responsibility, my ass!

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  5. skinnydennis says:

    I looked up the Covid stats last week for Clair County MO, after a media report stating people were moving there from Imperial County CA. So they moved from a 65% vaxed county to 39 percenter. Hookay.
    Then I looked up fatalities. I forget the Calif #. The Clair County number? No number in that column, just the word SUPPRESSED.

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    • skinnydennis says:

      Oh yeah, the main point of the article was California righty transplants raised housing prices and created a shortage. Covid concerns? Not so much.

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