You Say You Want A Revolution

Your rapist’s baby is a future Patriot, ladies!

Yesterday, our pals over at Electoral-Vote had a piece up on the radicalism of the SCOTUS:

“Now that there are five solid conservatives, they can safely ignore [Chief Justice John Roberts] since his vote no longer really matters. In cases on gay rights, religion, abortion, voting rights, executive privilege, the environment, guns, states’ rights, freedom of the press, and many other issues, the five most conservative justices are likely to start charting their own course very soon and there is nothing Roberts can do to stop them. Marcus calls this “the rule of six.” And they are hell-bent on changing America. The Court’s approval rating is now at 40%, the lowest in history, but they don’t care. They believe they now have the opportunity to remake America in their image and they aren’t going to waste it…

“…A few cases this term are going to allow Team Thomas to test drive its new power. Mississippi passed a law that strikes at the heart of Roe v. Wade, giving the justices the opportunity to either rescind the decision altogether or at least allow states to make their own restrictions that de facto make it impossible for abortion clinics to exist (e.g., every doctor there must have admitting privileges at a hospital within 2 miles of the clinic). In its brief, Mississippi argues that Roe was simply an error and nothing in the Constitution forbids states from banning abortions if their legislatures want to do so.

And that leads us to the quote of the morning:

She’s right, of course. If the Theocrats on the SCOTUS really go for it, things are gonna break all over.

Tiger Beat:

THE POST-ROE BATTLE IS ALREADY ON — Alice Miranda Ollstein reports this morning that each side of the abortion rights fight is deep into preparations for the development they both expect next year: that the Supreme Court will “significantly pare down or completely overturn” Roe v. Wade.

“That’s set off an intense ground game, one which could radically reshape reproductive rights for millions of people. Abortion rights groups are amassing millions in donations, recruiting volunteers to help people travel across state lines for the procedure, and developing a grey market to deliver abortion pills straight to patients’ doorsteps — even in states that have banned them. …

“Conservative groups are equally busy: drafting model legislation that will prohibit abortion, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying lawmakers to enact new bans, and sending an army of door-to-door canvassers to key swing states to blunt any political backlash the decision could cause.”

So many trend lines are converging as the fascists march on all of us, but as always women will be the first to lose their rights; and you don’t get a much bigger right to lose than bodily autonomy.

I don’t think even Possum Hollar will be ready for the backlash if women are forced to carry their rapists baby to term.

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5 Responses to You Say You Want A Revolution

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    We’ve got to have a Constitutional amendment to the effect that every woman has an inalienable human right to control her own body and health care.

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  2. If Roe v. Wade had defended the sanctity of person-hood instead of a “right to privacy,”, we would not be re-litigating it every year.


  3. laura says:

    Pregnant people will; in addition to carrying their rapist’s baby; be forced to carry their dying or dead baby and the ectopic pregnancy that will burst the fallopian tube and kill her, as well as the various and sundry issues that come up when your placenta tears away from the uterus, and finally, there will be so many Becky Bell’s who die as a result of their back alley abortionists.

    If you are not following this particular shit show with the Rewire News Group, you should stop, drop and roll on over to Rewire and follow Imani Gandy and Jess Pieklo’s live blogging of tomorrow’s Oral Arguments.


  4. pagan in repose says:

    As a guy, all the women I have known put up with taking a lot of shit from men over the course of their lives, but this will be the bridge to far. Honestly now, if this was about to happen to men, what do you think would happen…hey guys, what do you suppose you would do if they were about to outlaw how you can use your dick everyday. What would you do?

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  5. spotthedog says:

    The hypothesized correlation between overall lowering of crime rates over several decades and access to legal abortion services has always made sense to me; a person who began life as an unwanted child is more likely to do crime later. Those on the right would insist that any lowering of crime rates is entirely due to authoritarian manly men in militarized police forces being tough. In addition to the tragic consequences to individual women personally, I am pessimistic about the long term general effect on American society of an anti-abortion ruling.


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