Report: Renewed Faith In Science

Sure you do, buddy.

I’m finding some encouragement here:

Trust in science and scientists grows amid pandemic

Global trust in science and scientists has grown immensely during the pandemic, according to a new report released by the health research foundation Wellcome Trust.
The organization’s Wellcome Global Monitor survey found that 80 percent of people globally said they trust science either “a lot” or “some” and 77 percent said the same about scientists. The percentage of people who said they trust science and scientists “a lot” rose by nine percentage points from when the foundation last released the report in 2018.
“The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust scientists into the spotlight, where they have provided information and guidance affecting the day-to-day lives of billions of people,” said Lara Clements, Wellcome Trust’s director of public engagements and campaigns.

OK, so it’s globally (not in America), but I’ll take whatever encouragement I can find.

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6 Responses to Report: Renewed Faith In Science

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Well, it’s good news for the world citizenry, but it sucks to be America right now. We used to set the standards for scientific research and our high regard for its application. Hell, we sent guys to the moon well before the mainstream computer era, back when people still used pencil and paper. Not sure how we got so stupid as a country (sciestists?), but assuredly stupid trends along party lines. I miss the days when we would pull together as a country to achieve great things. I fear the looming intellectual abyss that may swallow us all. Little comfort in seeing the GQP going first…

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    • One thing to remember is that our insatiable Industrial-Media complex is skewing our perceptions. (Remember TG’s “It’s Media” image) Requiring getting vaxxed to keep your job is working…we tried the carrot, now it’s the stick, and the stick works.

      In NYC, despite wall-to-wall coverage of how ‘resistant’ to vaccination the NYPD is…by the day of the ‘get vaxxed or get fired’ deadline they were at 90%+ vaxxed.

      We get tight video coverage of loud, raucous antivaxxers parading down the street because this is catnip for the Localnooz and when you get a bigger view, it’s like 12 people.

      Possum Hollar is refusing to get vaxxed because their media bubbles are telling them not to. Possum Hollar is NOT A MAJORITY OF US. They’re just the entertainment thr news focuses on.

      The brain worms that infect our modern GQP legislators are a different thing entirely. Wish we had a vaccination for those, preferably one that could be administered by air-dart or something.

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      • It’s hard to take anyone seriously when it’s all about eyeballs and hits. That guy is getting them. Double Christ crosses and misspelling wins evangelicals and home school moms. Libs laugh, cons love. Poe sinners are winners otherwise, Death Cult!.


  2. skinnydennis says:

    He misspelled ‘then’.

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  3. Nice to see that his Mom outfitted him with the Stupid Helmet before he left home.

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