Area Woman Hands Local Man His Ass

When is she gonna give him a swirly?

Jen Psaki the gold standard of press secretaries.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    Yeah Jen Psaki, The Secretary of Fuck Around and Find Out…

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  2. But I am reliably informed by many around the Internets that ALL DEMS ran heavily on Defund The Police, and other such nonsense because they’re all too ‘woke’ and ‘focused on identity politics’ and such!

    Doesn’t everyone remember that stirring part of Biden’s Inaugural Speech where he announced that America’s Long Nightmare of Police Forces as about to end!

    This kind of shit is really starting to grate… that folks who should fucking well know better keep amplifying Republican ratfucking and proclaiming that it’s some how ‘Democratic Messaging’ just because some damned Jacobin or Quillette loon says so on twitter.

    “Defund the police” was an agonized cri de cœur from the people protesting the ongoing treatment of their communities as if they were foreign lands under military occupation by the police. Wypipo Pundits mught tut-tut and Whitesplain that it was not helpful and maybe they should have chosen a better slogan and maybe toned it down a little because they might seem shrill.

    [stop reading this. Pause for eight minutes 46 seconds and consider that is how long it took that cop to murder George Floyd, in public view with no concern whatsoever, a grin on his murderous face. Imagine you were there. I’d wager you wouldn’t be shouting anything remotely like ‘defund the police’, more like ‘kill them all’. ]

    They just absorb Fascist talking points about us and internalize them. I’d wager a majority of them think it’s the ‘Democrat’ Party, too.

    No, we’re not losing because we keep saying ‘Defund the Police’ any more than ‘suburban anxiety about schools’. That isn’t because of concerns parents have, any more than the fucking tea Party was just regular folks concerned about the deficit and national debt. It’s an INTENTIONAL effort by the fascists to demonize Democrats and way too many people on our side just suck it in.

    YES this country is racist as fuck and the 1619 Project does show the real history of this country (and then only one part of it. This country was built on a massive campaign of genocide that we still haven’t started to comes to grips with.

    YES this country has a racist as fuck problem with militarized police forces who do treat their communities as occupied territory and the people who live here as enemy combatants.

    Yes they DO need to be defunded, and the money put into services that would help the people, whoch would, incidentally greatly reduce the work of the police so they could concentrate on actual crimes.

    They also need to be purged of the people who consider themselves to be fighting a war.

    I’m sorry of it doesn’t comport with what the “liberal” elite feels is polite, or convenient or ‘better messaging’ but reality don’t play that, homey.

    We can only get better if we acknowledge and absorb the truth, not the pleasant lies that let us pretend that everything is fine.

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  3. Martin Pollard says:

    How Jen Psaki, Patron Saint of Fuck Around and Find Out, manages to stay so thin while eating Lil’ Petey Douchey’s lunch every day will forever remain a mystery.

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  4. skinnydennis says:

    This is what happens when you bring a used condom to a knife fight.

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  5. roket says:

    Is he actually saying conservatives think President Biden should apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse? No way Jose. Besides political correctness was murdered by your own troops years ago, brah.

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  6. Dave G says:

    OMG, Doocy is such a douche.

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