Think of The Money You Will Save On Borax Baths!

Guys, these people are nuts:

1-2-3, easy as bread.


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9 Responses to Think of The Money You Will Save On Borax Baths!

  1. Weird Dave says:

    Oh, Jesus…

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    • 🎶 Oh michael,Oh Jesus you know I’m not to blame
      You know my reputation for playing a good clean game
      Oh Michael Oh Jesus I’ll keep my promise when
      You turn that heartbeat over again 🎵


  2. roket says:

    I hear rattlesnakes also work.

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  3. jetsam359 says:

    “Easy as bread” leaves me wondering how much bread she scams from the rubes…

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  4. Dave G says:

    How did she ever get a medical degree?


    • Buttermilk Sky says:

      Same way as Joseph Ladapo, DeSantis’s Surgeon General, who won’t even mask up for a woman with cancer. Same way as Ronny “Candyman” Jackson. American medical schools are not that good.

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  5. Stephanie Avebury says:

    Another pretend game. At least this way they are less likely to spread disease.


  6. Typical God, he’ll ‘cast out’ the vaccine if you ‘cry out’ to him, but does he do it to the virus when your choking on your own dissolving lungs? No…you can’t ‘cry out’ on a ventilator!


  7. paul fredine says:

    if she ever actually had one, somebody PLEASE!!! take away her license to practice medicine. NOW!!!


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