Suburban Moms Get A Wake-Up Call

H/T Scissorhead Bruce388

Our pals over at Electoral-Vote discuss the Rittenhouse verdict, and offer this conclusion:

The implication here is that the only real way for unarmed Americans to be 100% safe, when put into a position where there is a gun, is to leave. Someone walks into Starbucks and they’re carrying? You leave. You’re at a political rally, and armed Proud Boys show up? You leave. You’re on the bus and someone with a sidearm gets on? You get off. That’s the only surefire option. Admittedly, it’s an easier policy to adhere to in some states than in others.

I’ve left a Starbucks before when an open carry enthusiast entered; I let the manager know why I was not coming back. The company eventually changed their policy allowing open carry in their stores, but there is no effective enforcement.

And no, I have not entered a Starbuck since, not even to use the bathroom.

The strategy we’re describing here, incidentally, is very nearly the same strategy that Black Americans, particularly in the South, were forced to adhere to for generations whenever placed into a situation in which they might face racist aggression. The legal system was nearly always going to side with the white person, so the Black person had no real option but to extract themselves from the situation. Eventually, their hands forced in part by the Civil Rights Movement, Americans decided that state of affairs was not acceptable. Maybe one day there will be mass pushback against the Second Amendment run amok, too.

It’s not a surprise that Black Americans have had this strategy pretty much forever (parents giving their children, particularly their boys The Talk comes to mind), but what might come as a surprise to white suburban moms & dads is that it now applies to THEIR KIDS TOO.


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3 Responses to Suburban Moms Get A Wake-Up Call

  1. spotthedog says:

    I would leave also, and expect to get shot in the back. This is sick.

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Run away? That’s their solution? Sure, why don’t we all run away to Canada/New Zealand/Mars? I don’t own a gun, I don’t want a gun, but a couple dozen Ashli Babbitts last January would have shut a lot of Trumpanzee mouths. They’re cowards. That’s why they need guns.

    Stand our ground.

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  3. R White says:

    It’s really depressing now that us sane and consenting adults (some who are responsible gun owners that would never open carry) have to give up some of our freedoms so that dickless, chubby white incels like rottenhouse can go out and play-act as if they are self-righteous ‘patriots’ using ‘murica’s favorite killing rifle aka detachable penis. FFS

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