Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

H/T @NamelessCynic of the Twitterverse

Wisconsin Republicans, out in the open, are already getting ready to declare Hair Füror the winner of their state’s electoral votes in the 2024 Goat Rodeo:

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has publicly urged fellow Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature to take over the running of federal elections in the state and direct local officials to ignore election guidance issued by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

His push, first reported by The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, comes after a Republican sheriff in Racine County called for five members of the state’s six-member election commission to be charged with felonies because they waived a requirement to send poll workers into nursing homes during the pandemic. On Monday, Rebecca Kleefisch, a Republican running for governor, asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to find that the commission’s election guidance runs counter to state law.

Johnson’s calls for a legislative takeover of the elections system demonstrate “the firm grasp that the (Donald) Trump wing of the Republican Party has not only everywhere, but particularly here in Wisconsin,” said Jay Heck, who runs the state branch of Common Cause.

Look,  it’s not a surprise that a mental defect like Sen. RoJo would be behind this, nor is it a surprise that the 4th Reich would go along with it, but it is a surprise that the DNC et al not raising Hell over this. It seems like something that needs some national organization to address would-be federal election fraud.

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  1. quakerinabasement says:

    Part of the standard playbook. There’s no allegation that anything illegal happened with the votes, only that the process didn’t conform to the letter of state law–during an emergency. Sending poll workers–unvaccinated poll workers–into nursing homes would have put vulnerable, elderly voters at risk. But never mind that! We wUZ rOBbEd!


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