President Biden To Save The USPS!

Axios (weird formatting is all theirs!) tells us:

President Biden on Friday announced his nominees to replace two members — and allies of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy — of the USPS board of governors.

Why it matters: Biden is replacing Ron Bloom, a Democrat, and John Barger, a Republican, with Daniel Tangherlini and Derek Kan. If confirmed by the Senate, Tangherlini’s appointment could give liberals the necessary votes to remove DeJoy as chief, who can only be removed via by the governing board, per the Washington Post.

You wanna know what it matters, and you don’t mention how DeJoy tried to undermine democracy by removing collection boxes, destroying sorting equipment, and slowing down delivery? Really Axios?

  • While a Democrat, Bloom was a supporter of DeJoy’s policies to slow down mail delivery and raise prices, the Post notes.

Context: The governing board consists of nine members, “and no more than five governors may be from the same party,” per the White House.

And now, we go to the obligatory running of a service as a product:

The big picture: Earlier this month, the USPS reported a net loss of $4.9 billion for the 2021 budget year, which was nearly half the agency’s net loss in 2020, recorded at $9.2 billion.

  • The USPS generated operating revenue of $77 billion in 2021, up to $3.9 billion or 5.3% from 2020.

I’d love to see a profit and loss statement from the US Military, which is also a service.

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4 Responses to President Biden To Save The USPS!

  1. I’d love to see a profit and loss statement from the US Military, which is also a service.

    Well Potus Pol Pot did once offer to rent them out, so at least HE was thinking of their P&L

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  2. The worst line in that is that the approval goes to the Senate.


  3. I am eager to see FDR Biden force Post Office Banking. which will not require Congressional roadblock.

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