Glass Ceiling Shattered

This might be a small thing, in other administrations would have gone unnoticed or uncommented upon, but for a short while today —while President Handsome Joe Biden is under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy—  Kamala Harris became the first woman President of the United States, the first Black Woman president, the first Asian Woman President.

It’s a big deal, even if it only lasted for a few moments. Tonight parents of little girls will tell their daughters that there is no dream too big for them to dream including being president someday. And they can point to VP Harris and say, “she did it, and you can too.”

This glass ceiling was a long time coming to shatter. It feels good that we witnessed this long-overdue moment.


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4 Responses to Glass Ceiling Shattered

  1. R White says:

    A formal event that should’ve happened a couple of years back. The time of female executives running this barbaric, bloated empire is long overdue, but some foolishly seem to think that women are not up to the tasks. The experiment of allowing failed ex republican white male CEO’s (W. and fat nixon) who may have charisma but who have no real intelligence, should be over.

    It was noted that on one such similar occasion, fat nixon opted out of having anesthesia applied during a routine colonoscopy so as not to have to hand over the presidency to pence. What a prick.

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    • Buttermilk Sky says:

      I’d like to believe that but TFG is nowhere near brave enough to endure a colonoscopy without morphine. I doubt he’d let them take his temperature rectally. Probably had a tattoo of Putin done under local anesthesia.

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  2. Rez Dog says:

    Handsome Joe announced his procedure. The TFG had to sneak over to Walter Reed because he couldn’t handle people knowing that he has an asshole.

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    • Professor Pupdog says:

      That guy probably did not want well-wishers to come over and see how Pence, Hannity, McConnell, and the rest of the gang were doing while being photographed by the endoscope.


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