Subtle, Ain’t He?

This probably counts as witty in the Gret Stet of Floriduh:

DeSantis is signing an anti-mask mandate into law, you know, just ahead of everyone flying home for Thanksgiving.

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7 Responses to Subtle, Ain’t He?

  1. ming says:

    I see stupid people. Walking around like regular people. Some of them scare me. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re stupid.

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  2. roket says:

    They are all Brandon now. Even though I’ll wager, a fairly large percentage of the flock have no clue what ‘Let’s go Brandon’ even means.


  3. See this kind of thing is what’s really behind Josh Hawley’s complaint about how all men wanna do is play videogames and watch porn…it’s not ‘feminism’, it’s the fact the every single one of them has regressed to being twelve-year-old boys…twelve-year-old boys with zero parental supervision.

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  4. I live in Florida. In the area I am in most people wear masks when out in public shopping. All store staff wear masks even if some don’t have them pulled up over their nose. What I cannot understand is why DeathSantis is pushing this so hard. He already made his street cred with the minority population that is the maga base, but now he is pissing off the businesses in the state who not only want the freedom to create rules to lower their costs due to sickness and insurance by requiring their employees to be vaccinated or wear masks. Some businesses that are federal and not under Florida jurisdiction like air travel and cruise lines will have an even harder time with uninformed irate guests demanding their own way like entitled bratty kids. Then there is Disney where all its employees are required to be vaccinated and children over five are required to be vaccinated to go on a Disney cruise. Is DeathSantis going to now take on the most powerful company in Florida? He already granted them one exemption he denied to other companies. Again I don’t see the gain for the Republicans in this at this time. Hugs

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    • They’re trying to appear ‘populist’ “Taking on the Big Liberal Silicon Valley” and such, because their base are getting saturated with hatred for Dems and liberals, so they always need fresh enemies for their Two Minutes Hate sessions, lest their base really recognize who’s fucking up their lives.

      They thought TFG won by amping up the purity and dose of their MAGA heroin, but junkies always need more, and the more they get the faster they get inured to the old shit.

      (to vitamix a few metaphors 🙂

      At some point they’re going to run out of red meat to feed to their rabid hyenas base and then the only meat left is them.

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