Some Fries With Your Stupid, Missouri?

Would-be Senator McCloskey (R – Possum Hollar)

Couple who brandished guns at protesters spotted in Kenosha to support Rittenhouse

The McCloskeys, as you may recall, are running for the Missouri Senate seat, and water seeks its own level:

“We’re just here to take in the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case,” said Mark McCloskey. “We feel for Mr. Rittenhouse. We think he acted in self-defense, we think he’s been politically prosecuted, as were we. We hope the jury finds him not guilty on all counts.”

Wait till they find out that he killed white dudes.

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6 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid, Missouri?

  1. Hey they were scary antifa white dudes.

    “When can we start killing these people” is getting louder and louder from their side.

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  2. Stephanie Avebury says:

    If they ever get their civil war or the Rwandan moment they dream then you will be surprised at how okay they are with killing white people, especially rinos! An awful lot of people who are laughing at their antics because they think none of this will ever affect them are going to suffer.

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  3. Grung_e_Gene says:

    And now we come to the time when the Grifters and Fascist Clingers descend to get more attention.

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  4. pagan in repose says:

    A perfect picture of a Dufus and Double Dufus.


  5. roket says:

    Politically prosecuted? He means politically defended. This isn’t a murder trial, it’s a tea party.


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