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While you sleep, Infidel753 has been busy

Guys, it’s Sunday! This means that you have a choice to make. You can either try to redeem your souls or you can try to redeem your coupons. As for me, I’m going to:

And of course, you could go see what I was doing at Crooks and Liars this past week:


Above: Kraftwerk performs Tour de France. We got an étage of links for y’all to start your week! Pace yourselves!

Infidel753 posits us that American Capitalism is —by design— rigged against us.

Annie Asks You gives us an appreciation for President Biden.

Driftglass writes a screenplay!

Shower Cap summarizes last week as only he can.

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Big Bad Bald Bastard notes that Kraftwerk was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… but too late for Florian Schneider.


Above: The Clash performs I Fought The Law (and the law won). Today we look at some elements of the second oldest profession.

Greg Fallis warns us that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is not about right and wrong, it’s about the law as it’s written, and in Wisconsin the law is a mess.

And as long as we’re talking about laws and guns, Spocko’s Brain looks into how the NRA illegally coordinated with GOP campaigns.

Lawyers, Guns & Money reviews the Fight For Paid Family Leave. It ain’t over yet, folks.

Bonus Track: Behold in wonder at the winners of The Astronomy Photographer of the Year for 2021.


Above: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts performs Bad Reputation. And speaking of bad reputations, today we look at the Right’s culture wars. Every accusation is a confession, yo!

Just Above Sunset goes long on Republicans’ culture war trumping actual policy.

Michael in Norfolk suggests that “Parents Rights” are the new “religious rights” cudgel. We need to jump on this FAST.

Mike the Mad Biologist proposes a way for Democrats to counter the Culture Wars, but it will require trusting us, the base.

Crazy Eddie’s Motie News says it is not going to end well for Ted Cruz.

Bonus Track: Science proves to us that dogs are totes adorbs when they tilt their heads.


Above, E-Rotic covers ABBA’s Money, Money, Money. As Gay Talese once said of the rich, “They don’t have to conspire, because they all think alike.” Today we channel our inner Rousseau!

Jobsanger agrees with Robert Reich: The economy should be fair to everyone.

Kevin Drum thinks he knows what Elon Musk is up to, and he might be right.

Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection suggest we need to play the long game. Bilbo is on to something.

Darwinfish 2 says make them wear their votes.

Bonus Track: What a beautiful world! National History Museum presents the Wildlife Photographer of the year!


Above, Magic Giant performs Disaster Party, which seem appropriate as today we look at Climate Change.

Compatible Creatures reports that right now —this very moment— we are in the quickest temperature rise in 24,000 years.

The Pulse issues us that climate funds in infrastructure bill are aimed at drought, wildfires, floods.

Pharyngula shows us how Australian reporters hold politicians feet to the fire.

Further Reading: Homeless on the High Desert has a round-up of climate change links of his own. This blogger has been so consistent on this issue for years that he has earned the nickname “Cassandra’s Grandson,” and let that sink in for a moment.

Bonus Track: The Nature Conservancy presents the 2021 Global Photo Contest Winners. It’s a beautiful world, peeps, let’s keep it.


Above, Stars On 54 performs If You Could Read My Mind, but if the Republicans have their way no one will read anything. Who knew Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was an instruction manual?

Progressive Eruptions swears he’s not being overwrought.

Zander Versus The Stupid asks what’s the matter with Kansas this time?

The Smirking Chimp says that the Republican Party makes clear that educational practices that inform, liberate, empower and address systemic problems that undermine democracy are a threat to its politics!

The Old Liberal suggests a book to burn.

Bonus Track: The Face makes the case for a Muppet’ Lord of the Rings. I’d totally read that!


Above, RAC’s Big Data cover of Dangerous, which seems like a fine way to end the week with a discussion of the trial of Crisis Actor Kyle Rittenhouse.

The Rectification of Names sees the societal failure that produces a Rittenhouse.

No More Mister Nice Blog says it could be even worse.

Welcome Back To Pottersville says it is really white privilege on trial.

Balloon Juice is worried that the Rittenhouse trial will be the start of “Murder safaris.”

Bonus Track: Not all kids are blood-thirsty sociopaths: The Next Web presents How I hacked ALL displays in my high school district to play Rick Astley. The kid rickrolled his entire school district.

That’s a wrap for me, fellow Crooks & Liars. Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning, but mostly I want to thank the 28+ bloggers who informed our week. I’m looking forward to being here again soon.

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