Sen. RoJo Has A Plan For Friendly Fascism

The Louis Gohmert of the Senate, Sen. Ron Johnson is a simple man with a simple plan:

“There’s no mention of the governor in the Constitution. It says state legislatures, and so if I were running the joint — and I’m not — I would come out and I would just say, ‘We’re reclaiming our authority. Don’t listen to the Wisconsin Elections Commission anymore. Their guidances are null and void.’”

In other words, the Stupid Coup becomes local. The Wisconsin election should be decided by the Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature.

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2 Responses to Sen. RoJo Has A Plan For Friendly Fascism

  1. roket says:

    If these assholes start getting what they want Europe is going to have an immigration problem. Millions of birds will be coming home to roost.

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  2. MDavis says:

    There is no mention of AK-47’s in the constitution, either.
    Just saying.

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