Joe Manchin Wants To Kill The Reconciliation Bill In Its Sleep

Joe Manchin gets what he wants

We told you he was gonna kill the BBB legislation if it was de-coupled from the infrastructure bill, and he’s looking for reasons to do it:

“…which is why I want to end the Child Tax Credit and put children back into poverty,” the trash panda of the Senate did not add while creepily rubbing his paws together. “Coal forever,” he screamed!

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10 Responses to Joe Manchin Wants To Kill The Reconciliation Bill In Its Sleep

  1. lisahgolden says:

    I realize this is me simply venting and completely unproductive, but I have to say this…. Fuck Joe Manchin, that badger-faced asshole.

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  2. He’s about a day before wailing about having to carry cash around in wheelbarrows…

    Well, we know he and his cronies do, but we’re all not moneybags McDuck.

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  3. roket says:

    I blame lean pork and Joe Manchin’s marriage to the republican party.

    Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
    His wife could eat no lean.
    But, together both,
    They licked the platter clean.

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  4. Redhand says:

    The Rude Pundit has an absolutely brutal takedown — The Fuck, Joe Manchin? — that highlights not only his self-dealing and greed but also his pathetic Senate parochialism and utter stupidity.

    Here’s a sample:

    As we all know, Manchin, along with Arizona’s most dickish dress-up doll, Kyrsten Sinema, has been the biggest asshole on the stupidly-named Build Back Better bill that will transform people’s lives through funding of social programs and more, at first saying he was willing to go as much as $4 trillion and then $3.5 trillion and now $1.5 trillion, but he’ll settle for $1.75 trillion, but don’t you dare touch his coal.

    Talking to John Berman [on CNN’s New Day, Manchin demonstrated why he’s just a fucking moron. Seriously, there’s a line between stupid and liar, and Manchin blurs it constantly, with a barrage of great-sounding pleas for comity and bipartisanship that bear no resemblance to anything going on in what we might call “reality.” Watching him babble incoherently for 20 minutes about a Senate and a country that doesn’t exist anymore, if it ever existed at all, is like listening to someone explain to you why the Star Wars prequels are good movies.

    The whole thing is brutal as hell, and I had a hard time choosing a quote. So, as we say in the innertubes, “Go read the whole thing.”

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  5. MDavis says:

    Just this week I’ve seen a write up on inflation, and how the corporations that have monopolies on things (diapers, for example, or soft drinks) are taking advantage of the chaotic stuff happening to just flat raise their prices. Their net profit percentages are at record highs, 15% up from 5, which is a nice little payday when you’re talking about a company with multi-billion dollar revenues. And there is some inflation, so they claim the whole increase is due to rising prices and labor costs and that they are just passing their pain along to us.

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