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Scissorheads have pointed me to this article in the Bulwark (I know, I know) that I have not finished reading, BUT I hope to finish it this lunchtime:

Notes on an Authoritarian Conspiracy: Inside the Claremont Institute’s “79 Days to Inauguration” Report

The sun rises on January 6, 2021 while a nation is in crisis.

Michigan’s presidential electors are in dispute after a mysterious fire in Detroit destroyed thousands of mail-in ballots, ultimately throwing the election to Congress.

The nation’s capital is overwhelmed by riots organized by left-wing radicals.

A Republican member of Congress is attacked and critically injured in the violence, potentially depriving Donald Trump of the decisive vote.

However, the representative heroically insists on being taken to the House floor. “With IVs and blood transfusions being administered, the member casts the deciding vote, giving Trump 26 state delegations and the needed majority.”

This is the grisly climax of a report published in mid-October 2020 by the Claremont Institute and Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) called “79 Days to Inauguration,” prepared by “Constitutional scholars, along with experts in election law, foreign affairs, law enforcement, and media . . . coordinated by a retired military officer experienced in running hundreds of wargames.”

Sounds like one of those stupid Jon McNaughton paintings brought to life. The representative in that passage only needed to have tears in his eyes and say, “Sir, I did it for you.”

Anyway after that bit of turgid prose, the essay gets down to brass tacks.

Yet despite the authors’ pretensions to scholarship and rigor—“for a simulation to be valuable, the other side gets a vote and actions must be based in realism”— the final document is a frenzied and paranoid piece of work, revealing of the anxieties and aspirations of the authoritarian right.

Practically, the report is an instruction manual for how Trump partisans at all levels of government—aided by citizen “posses” of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers—could, quite literally, round up opposition activists, kill their leaders, and install Donald Trump for a second term in office.

Feast on peanut butter and strawberry jam today and join in mocking the fever dreams of the 4th Reich!

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  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    This would have been exactly the way it would have gone down too if it wasn’t for those damn Jewish space lasers! The Claremont Institute and the TPPF simply forgot to factor those in.

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  2. jetsam359 says:

    Yeah, The Bulwark tends towards the conservative edge, but I started reading their articles when they turned against TFG. I don’t mind reading conservative literature when based in the real world…

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    • Ehh, I’ve read driftglass too long to really take these people too seriously. And one of them is Bloody Bill Kristol, who’s desperately trying to wash the blood off his hands for the Iraq War. And who also greatly promoted the Ur-trump, Sarah Palin. Before her the real loons of the party didn’t make it to the top, your Pat Robertsons and Pat Buchanans and David Dukes got into the primaries but never got close.

      Palin shattered the Dangerously Incompetent Huckster ceiling that lead stratight to TFG, and the inmates taking over the asylum, then the town the asylum was in, then the county the town was in…

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      • jetsam359 says:

        Today’s read is sub-headlined, “Hoping for a Post Trump future.” Want to reiterate that I like to keep abreast of what the Never Trumpers have to say, and the article is totally critical of Trumpism. The link if you want is…


      • Youngkin and DeathSentence are not ‘post Trump’. Again, Trum was the symptom not the disease.

        All these ‘Never Trumpers’ love what trump did they are just angry that he did it out loud where the hoi polloi could hear it.

        All these ‘Bulwark’ folks want to go back to being polite white supremacist authoritarian theocrats. They’e more dangerous than trumpism, because they’re trumpism cloaked in a thin veneer of respectability.

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      • sos says:

        Charlie Pierce, today, savaged Rick Wilson* (again) for the Rove inspired ratfuckery against Max Cleland in 2002.



  3. roket says:

    Does the 1/6 Commission know about this???

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  4. MDavis says:

    Who called this piece of insurrection porn a report?

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  5. Redhand says:

    “Sleepy Joe” at the bottom right of the “painting” is a nice touch.

    Jon McNaughton is out of his fucking mind, BTW. His adoration of Trump reminds me of Alexandra Feodorovna‘s obsession with Rasputin.

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  6. Practically, the report is an instruction manual for how Trump partisans at all levels of government—aided by citizen “posses” of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers—could, quite literally, round up opposition activists, kill their leaders, and install Donald Trump for a second term in office.

    That’s not a report. That’s fanfic. BAD fanfic. Do they actually believe that the [checks notes] 81 million of us who voted for Biden would just roll over and say ‘Oh well! as vigilante militias run around and murder people?

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  7. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Mail-in ballots in Detroit. For Trump. Pull the other one.

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  8. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The most far-fetched detail in this fanfic is that a Republican Congresscreep would be capable of acting heroically.

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  9. tengrain says:

    That was quite a lot of masturbatory nonsense. Not sure that I am going to look at the Bulwark again after that.

    All it was missing was battlefield promotions for their usual suspects, like Field Marshal Goehmert giving orders, or vivid details of Rep. 3-Names hunting down The Squad single-handedly.



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