Thanks A Lot Ronna Romney McDaniel

Stable Jenius

The passage of the day as Jonathan Karl’s book starts to leak:

In his forthcoming book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” ABC’s Jonathan Karl reports for the first time on a Jan. 20 conversation between the soon-to-be-former president and Ronna [Ed note: ROMNEY – FIFY] McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chair.

“I’m done,” Trump told McDaniel just after he boarded Air Force One for the last time as president, according to Karl. “I’m starting my own party.”

The full exchange has McDaniel warning of the consequences — “we will lose forever” — and Trump saying he didn’t care. It was only after the RNC threatened to take control of Trump’s email list, among other potential legal actions, that Trump backed down, Karl reports in the book.

In other words, Ronna Romney could have smothered Hair Füror’s likely political return, gotten his fund-raising list, and essentially could have left him marooned on a deserted island… and true to her Romney heritage,  she whiffed.

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6 Responses to Thanks A Lot Ronna Romney McDaniel

  1. He made her stop using her own name, what did you expect.

    I think that in the long run what trumpism has revealed is just the staggeringly deep bench of obsequious bootlickers that the GQP has built up over the decades. He couldn’t have taken over the party like he did if they weren’t all Quislings top-to-bottom.

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    • tengrain says:

      True dat, BDR, and anytime you think a Romney is going to do anything good for anyone other than themselves —even on principle— well, think again.




      • It goes way beyond Romney, beyone Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz as well. they will all fall down and start to liking the boots clean when someone higher up commands.

        How the hell do we deprogram generations of authoritarian loving fascists?

        Because we’re not going to have a functional country if we don’t.


    • sos says:

      Spines don’t grow on trees (or Romneys),.


  2. MinuteMan says:

    The fools (GQP and it’s clueless donors) still think they can control the mango magat.

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  3. roket says:

    Republicans have some sort of fetish over emails.


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