UPDATED: Good News For John McCain!

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Der Tiger Beat Auf Dem Potomac (Thanks Charlie with an assist from MPS’ patron saint Watertiger) begins their morning email with a Drudge-like siren!

SIREN — A new national poll from USA TODAY/Suffolk University pegs President JOE BIDEN’s approval rating at 38%. Things are worse for VP KAMALA HARRIS, who scores a 28% job approval.

Other bad numbers in the poll:

— 16% of those who voted for him say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected.

— 44% of independents say he’s done worse than they expected.

— 64% say they don’t want Biden to run for reelection, including 28% of Democrats.

Silver lining: The survey was conducted Wednesday through Friday, after the Democrats’ Election Day drubbing but before passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which receives high marks in the poll (61% support).

Opinions differ, according to Upchuck Todd:

WASHINGTON — Our most recent NBC News poll asked respondents about their social media consumption, and the results told a clear story that doesn’t require 280 characters…

Approve of Biden’s job as president

  • All adults: 42 percent
  • Facebook users: 42 percent
  • Twitter users: 57 percent
  • TikTok users: 50 percent
  • Non-users: 40 percent

Positive feelings towards Trump

  • All adults: 38 percent
  • Facebook users: 36 percent
  • Twitter users: 19 percent
  • TikTok users: 27 percent
  • Non-users: 46 percent

Prefer Democrats control Congress in 2022

  • All adults: 47 percent
  • Facebook users: 47 percent
  • Twitter users: 65 percent
  • TikTok users: 59 percent
  • Non-users: 45 percent

Prefer Republicans control Congress in 2022

  • All adults: 45 percent
  • Facebook users: 45 percent
  • Twitter users: 28 percent
  • TikTok users: 35 percent
  • Non-users: 45 percent

OK, so apples and oranges, right? Well, not really. The NBC Poll is also a national poll, the social media numbers is just an interesting cross tab. Upchuck reveals his framing thusly:

[Shorter Upchuck BEFORE the numbers: “pay no attention to the good news”]

Twitter isn’t real life — at least when it comes to party identification and political attitudes…

[Shorter Upchuck AFTER the numbers: “if you believe this is good news you’re a fool!”]

It’s all a reminder: If you’re getting your political news from Twitter, seeing what’s trending on the platform, or trying to influence the debate there — you’re missing out on a good chunk of the country.

And that’s how you take good poll numbers for President Handsome Joe Biden and spin them as Good News For John McCain.

UPDATE 1: CNN polls about the same as NBC. So whaddup, Politico?

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  1. roket says:

    Twitter isn’t real life — at least when it comes to party identification and political attitudes…

    I find it extremely hard to believe that UpChuck Toady has his fingers on the pulse of the nation after a stupid remark like that. If I want to find out what opinions are on any given subject I’d rather go to Twitter than watch a fantasy land MTP episode.


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