Standard Time Starts Tonight

Not really an extra hour at the pub.

I read with some interest that even my do-nothing Senator Patty Murry (D-Pharma) is proposing doing away with the time change. I may have to vote for her after all.

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10 Responses to Standard Time Starts Tonight

  1. purplehead says:

    Gah. Do nothing until it’s time to ask for money because you’re running to retain your do-nothing Senatorial seat in 2022. It’s long past time for fresh younger, more politically progressive blood. You’d think we could do better by now. Is there no one to run against her in the primary? Murray’s been doing nuthin’ since 1993. Enough.


  2. And here in the TSKoA, we will continue to not know what the hell time it is anywhere else in the us, as we long, LONG ago opted out of that daylight savings nonsense.


    • Weird Dave says:

      The joke?

      In Arizona we have plenty of daylight. We don’t need to save any…


    • MDavis says:

      Not Navajo Nation. If the map is right you could change times 6 time driving through the state starting (or ending) with crossing the Nevada-Arizona border.
      While this would only make a difference if you need to do something by the clock at each border, it’s still crazy-pants.


  3. Martin Pollard says:

    Just remember to only set your clocks back one hour, not 150 years like the Trumplicans want to do.

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  4. revzafod says:

    A standard mnemonic is “spring ahead, fall back”. I prefer the one I came up with:

    In the spring the government takes an hour from you, and they return it in the fall, without interest.

    Forget 6 June 1944. The Longest Day is the end of DST in the fall, at 25 hours.


  5. If Biden canceled the change of clocks, he would be elected in a landslide. And then the Republicans would accuse him of a Chinese collusion conspiracy. Fox News would maintain their schedule based on the change of time, which will confuse the fuck out of their elderly viewers, who will then lose even more of their grip on reality.


    • MDavis says:

      That sounds like a win-win-win.
      And programmers, timekeepers, and payroll clerks would have that much less adjustment to fiddle with.
      True story – I was timekeeping when Bush changed the date of the time change. I don’t remember which date it was or even which end of the DST-ST change, but I do remember there was a team of programmers that fiddled with a customer’s time-keeping system for nearly a month to make sure they got the changes programmed in and the previous date programmed out.
      Not sure why it took that long. That wasn’t my end of involvement, I just had another team to time-keep for until they were done.


  6. Kill it with fire already. As if timing calls to the mainland weren’t complicated enough with the 3-6 hour difference, I also gotta remember what the hell half a year it is with that rascal hour and figure it in. I’m just not that considerate, mindful and/or dilligent.

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  7. pagan in repose says:

    I always thought the idea that DST started because the rich wanted more time in the evening to play golf was the appropriate stupid excuse for this dumb idea and all the confusion it incurs.


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