Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T @NamelessCynic of the electronic tweeting machine

I’ve never met a man who wasn’t.

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  1. schmice3 says:

    Stanford University Tower is also known as Hoover’s Last Erection.

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  2. Redhand says:

    Reminds me of a story I heard from my Dad when he worked for Mutual of Omaha after retiring from the Air Force.

    This was in the 70s-80s when V.J. Skutt (see was president of the company. At the time Skutt himself was in the same age bracket, an old man with “low Ts.” The story was so hot it spread through the Company like wildfire.

    Apparently, a highly placed Japanese insurance executive was paying a courtesy visit to Mutual of Omaha for some kind of “aren’t we grand serving the public as insurers” (“Your kind insurance man, the widow and orphan’s friend”). Skutt and a coterie of his minions were present at the meeting along with a similar entourage from the Japanese insurance company.

    Skutt spoke first welcoming the Japanese executive with happy talk about the great work both companies were doing, with the Japanese executive smiling the whole time while getting a simultaneous translation from his translator.

    When it came time for the Japanese executive to speak, he had a few prepared remarks in English, which he had memorized for the occasion. His comments were directed at Skutt’s, who had recently secured a new term as the elected chairman of the board etc.

    The Japanese executive closed his remarks with the words, “and I want to espesch-a-wee con-gwad-u-wait you on your weesent ewection.”

    The remark was greeted with stunned, dead silence as Skutt’s minions bit the insides of their cheeks and went through other contortions trying mightily to suppress laughs as Skutt positively glared at them, daring anyone to laugh. Finally, one poor sod burst out with a BAW-HAW-HAW and the whole room erupted in laughter.

    The Japanese executive was totally panicked and absolutely mortified, betraying a look of complete chagrin and confusion which for all the world said “What did I say wrong!?”

    I still get a laugh out of the story.


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