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America —the richest country on earth— has had more deaths than anywhere else: 746,000+ to date. Brazil has registered more than 607,000 deaths; India almost 460,000.

And we conclude with Petunia & Pals who allowed Mike Pence (Walking Termite Buffet) —who was in charge of the Trump-Virus response during the 4th Reich— to lie without any attempt to fact check him:

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  1. It’s very likely that Brazil’s and almost certain that India’s counts are vastly understated. During the height of the Indian Delta surge the officially reported deaths were actually only about 1.5 times the normal rate of deaths for India; certainly not enough to require the gargantuan number of funeral pyres going 24/7.

    As always, you have to count the funerals.

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    • Found the twitter threat I was half-remembering:

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    • MDavis says:

      I was gonna say something about India’s still severe social stratification probably driving undercounts, but, as usual, brucedr beat me too it, and with receipts that I wasn’t even going to look for. Bravo, bruce [bows]

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    • Richard Portman says:

      All the counts are understated. During last winters spike i ran into my neighbor Junior. His family is from Jalisco and we are friendly.
      How are they? We never hear any news! Are your mom and dad okay?

      “It’s bad man. People are getting sick. They are burning the dead sometimes. ”

      That’s just what Junior said, but he wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.


  2. MDavis says:

    I saw a clip from somewhere …
    A bunch of health care workers were in a public forum of some sort and some alarmist Qultist spit out the claim that the mandates would drive the unvaccinated health care workers out of that field. Cheers broke out. Clapping followed. Since it was health care workers, I think they narrowly avoided a standing ovation because that cohort is pretty exhausted.
    And, on a personal note, we called our doctor on Friday to ask about a couple of things going on with hubby and, long story short-er, the EMT who was entering our info into their computers asked the question – are you vaccinated. Me – yes. Hubby – no. She – “then you will die. Since the beginning of this pandemic, anyone that I’ve seen die or go into the ICU from covid has not been vaccinated.”
    We stopped on the way home for hubby to get his first shot.
    And, if I wasn’t sort of exhausted, I’d be doing my own standing ovation.


    • Wow…in my household I’d have been banished to the garage, or a tent out in the yard somewhere to live if I wasn’t vaxxed. You are a much kinder, more patient person than Mrs BDR!

      YAY for hubby!

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      • MDavis says:

        He’s had problems with vaccines in the past – get the flu shot, then get the flu, and a bad case of it. Same for the pneumonia shot. I wish I remembered the EMT’s name so I could send her a Thank You card – it might help her stress to know she talked one person into getting the jab. Plus I really do appreciate it.


    • tengrain says:

      Davis –

      Congrats on that! That’s gotta be a relief.



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