Joe Manchin Finds 1 Good Republican, 9 more To Go

It’s All About ME!!!

Guys, I don’t think that Joe Manchin had much to do with this, but…

Now get to work, Manchin, you eff’ing fraud.

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4 Responses to Joe Manchin Finds 1 Good Republican, 9 more To Go

  1. ali redford says:

    (Oh, boy. I hope I did this right. It covers my sentiment lately, and seems to fit here. Madeline Kahn doing “I’m Tired” .) Gotta go help with the election; I have another hour to volunteer. So far, so good, as to terrorists.

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  2. Meremark says:

    I now have made my sense of Joe M. (he’s a III, you know, his daddy was a JM, Jr.)

    Today’s Joe seems Republican since he does not act for his wants. No initiative, no ambition, no motion; only keep his coal co. putting $10,000/week in his purse.
    He makes no act. Only REACT.

    Only reactionary is a trait that marks a Republican.

    And Joe reacts to Pramil Jayapal.
    That is all.
    Who knows why? Perhaps he started when her Hate Free Zone kept Somalis from being deported after Nine-Eleven Op whereas Joe, then, was berserk to erase-remove things mosque-like as he (mis)understood them. Maybe.
    Maybe he got traumatized at all things turban’ed and Jayapal’s champion of same put a burr up his butt.

    JM, III, does not act in his or public gain.
    Only he reacts to deny Jayapal any gain.

    Why her and why so obsessed of a singular person?, Irk, but I’ve seen such behavior before (singular obsession) among reactionaries.
    And in this case it is the understanding I take reading Joe’s shifting statements.

    In every dodge he goes opposite and afterward of any Jayapal initiative.
    Like he’s an anchor or something dragging on the ship of state.


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