Election Day: The Spice Must Flow

The Spice Must Flow

Guys, it’s Election Day in Virginia (and elsewhere, but our Failed Political Press ™ doesn’t know this), and anyone who tells you what is gonna happen is lying to you, or more accurately, is Upchuck Todd (who is lying to you).

Anyway, speaking of Upchuck/MTP helpfully tells us:

NBC News Poll: 50 percent of Republicans doubt their vote will be counted accurately

…and I hope that means that they stay home.

WASHINGTON — There’s been a significant decline over the past year in voters who think their vote will be counted accurately, a trend driven mainly by Republicans — most of whom still believe false claims that President Joe Biden didn’t legitimately win the 2020 election, according to a new NBC News poll.

Style Guide: speak plainly, try “…the Big Lie that President Joe Biden didn’t legitimately win the 2020 Election…”

At any rate, the big takeaway from today’s election in Virginia —even if there is a California-style McAuliffe blowout— is going to be the Cillizza take:  “Democrats Are Doomed!”

I don’t plan to pay much attention to this until the votes are counted. It’s going to be a day of loud headlines and punditry.

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6 Responses to Election Day: The Spice Must Flow

  1. beckymaenot says:

    Agreed. Assholes gotta asshole and it’s going to get ugly.

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    Chuck Todd is the Chuck Todd of Chuck Todds.

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  3. I get my “news” from the Internet, and even though my internal alarms are all sparking’ I am NOT worried. My favorite astrophysicist, Dr. Tyson, told us last week that anti-vaxxers are dying at five times the rate of normal people. This cannot fail to help Democrats at the polls. Democrats ought to vote anyway.

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