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FormerPresident Trump gloated Friday after Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) announced he will not seek reelection in 2022, a decision that made him the latest House GOP critic of Trump’s to make plans to exit Congress.

“2 down, 8 to go!” Trump said in a brief statement through his leadership PAC, Save America. 

— The Hill

From the Pod Save Whatevs guys morning email:

“…look at who’s on the rise to take [Kinzinger’s] place. At least 12 Republicans who participated in the events of January 6 will be on the ballot in next week’s elections, many of them state lawmakers and local officials who are running for reelection. Many more insurrectionists will be running for office in 2022, including a number of congressional hopefuls. At least 21 state lawmakers attended the rally in DC; when you include those who spread lies about the election and supported efforts to overturn the results, the number’s closer to 600…

“…The Republican Party is purging itself of the few remaining members who have stood up against Donald Trump’s authoritarian impulses, at his behest. That makes it all the more critical for the Biden administration to not only say that Trumpism poses a fundamental threat to democracy, but to consistently act like it.”


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2 Responses to The Morning Quote

  1. roket says:

    Yeah, TFG poses a fundamental threat to democracy. He’s also a clear and present danger and a National Security threat. And the beat goes on.

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  2. Meremark says:

    Everyone PROMPT your local media —
    Tweet, call, LttE, regale reporters —
    President Eisenhower sent ARMED National Guards to escort black children into school pushing out of the way the goddam governor of the state who falsely thought he could outmuscle Federal law.

    Coach Biden/Harris in federal authority …or wusses get out of the kitchen.

    MassMedia foreshadow the news that ‘push comes to shove’ means National Guards in your town shooting at your sheriffs or police bullies — hear it, Minneapolis SWAT sh!ts — and zip-tying Loud Boys and, by damn, escorting each and every voter into the polling station; let peace-keeping National Guards assist and perform election duties and COUNT the ballots.

    Media stations can know that National Guards in town can take over the stations, too.
    If rightwingers AR-15 isolators keep pushing it the National Guards are going to draw down on Republicans same as downing terrorists in the Middle East to pre-empty trouble, now in the Midwest.

    Everyone PROMPT your local media.


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