Report: Blockhead Blockades Insurrection Investigation


We know that Hair Füror is as frantic as a Beagle in a vacuum cleaner factory trying to keep under wraps whatever the heck he was doing leading up to the Stupid Coup. But what is he actually trying to blockade?

Donald Trump is seeking to prevent Jan. 6 investigators from accessing daily presidential diaries, drafts of election-related speeches, logs of his phone calls, handwritten notes and files of top aides, the National Archives revealed in a Saturday morning court filing.

According to the National Archives, the former president has sought to block about 750 pages out of nearly 1,600 identified by officials as relevant to the Jan. 6 investigation. Among them are hundreds of pages from “multiple binders of the former press secretary [Kayleigh McEnany] which is made up almost entirely of talking points and statements related to the 2020 election,” according to the court filing.

So who are you going to believe, your lying eyes, or the lies of Kayleigh McEnany, AKA Raggedy Anthrax? The irony of the press briefing documents are now part of what Hair Füror wants to keep out of the records is, well, delicious.

Other documents include “draft text of a presidential speech for the January 6, 2021, Save America March; a handwritten list of potential or scheduled briefings and telephone calls concerning election issues; and a draft Executive Order concerning election integrity … a draft proclamation honoring deceased Capitol Police officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, and associated e-mails from the Office of the Executive Clerk, which relate to the Select Committee’s interest in the White House’s response to the Capitol attack.”

In other words, documents that would now contradict the Other Big Lie that this was just peaceful tourists. If he had proclamations for the Capitol Police officers, then the whole no big deal defense falls apart.

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  1. roket says:

    Show us your f’ing emails you fat orange shitgibbon.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    I seem to remember a RWNJ saying that was used to beat people over the head went something like “If you’re innocent you have nothing to hide.”


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