Proof That There Is An Upcoming Election

Anyway, as long as we are mentioning the execrable bint Tucker Carlson… he’s gone full-on balls-out, hammer-down, mad-monkey, terrordome crazy, full false-flag Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorist:



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4 Responses to Proof That There Is An Upcoming Election

  1. jetsam359 says:

    I’m convinced the “Tucker Carlson” defense is no defense at all. Just wait until some rube shoots someone, and then claims he was only following orders from below (there is no above with Tucker). Aside from the ensuing tragedy of an innocent death, maybe hauling Tucker’s ass into a courtroom would be good therapy for those of us who understand what is afoot in the country. And well, anything to besmirch his brand would be welcomed, and the possibility exists that he could spend time in prison for fomenting violence…

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  2. roket says:

    If they weren’t so evil their projection could almost be considered an art form.

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  3. schmice3 says:

    I bet there’s a well-hidden illegitimate daughter somewhere. She herself might not even know. As the younglings say: Word.


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