Hey Wyoming, Whaddup?

Science discovers how the Trump-Virus spreads
(H/T: Twitter)

Wyoming, where the cowboys roam free and the livestock is nervous, is considering doing what, now?

“Multiple bills proposed for a three-day special legislative session this week would allow students and their parents to forgo legally mandated vaccines to attend public or private K-12 schools in Wyoming. One of them is backed by a joint committee.

“The proposed legislation would… allow parents or legal guardians to request exemptions without any rationale beyond it being their personal choice.”

Usually Blam-Blam shoots old guys in the face one-at-a-time, so this is quite a time-saver.


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9 Responses to Hey Wyoming, Whaddup?

  1. jetsam359 says:

    Yeah, Wyoming doesn’t have many people less than the population DC in fact, but I’m left wondering how big the body pile of children has to get before anyone important or otherwise would notice. You would think their state government would be working to reduce the number of Covid cases not increase them. I guess we’ll see if Carlo Cipolla and Darwin were right. Carlo Cipolla’s fifth fundamental law of stupidity read as follows: Stupid people are the most dangerous type of people. Darwin neatly summed it up with his Theory of Natural Selection…

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  2. Make Polio Great Again!

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  3. schmice3 says:

    They’re so fucking stupid. They are parasites who, once the pandemic is controlled, will claim credit for it and attribute it to the strength of their resolve and doubtless their “precious bodily fluids”. They’ll strut and crow like cocks….and that’s hopefully when they’ll cross the street and get hit by a bus.

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  4. Weird Dave says:

    Have I mentioned, recently, how much I dislike anti-vaxxiers?


  5. roket says:

    Yet another reason for the yutes of WY to get the hell outta there asap.


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    All sensible people and all media outlets should immediately start referring to this as the Typhoid Mary Bill.


  7. David says:

    So they are dictating what private schools can do? I thought that was considered tyranny. Just another day with “small-government” Republicans.


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