JD Vance(R-Thiel) Is Having Authenticity Problems, Again

Peter Thiel’s hand-picked Ohio Senate candidate and Hillbilly Eulogy, er, Elegy  Yale Graduate and Wall Street Investment Banker,  JD Vance is many things, none of them authentic.

That said, this is a brutal ad that ought to play well in Possum Hollar, and it is telling that the EXTREMELY Conservative Club For Growth is behind it. CFG has endorsed the reprehensible Josh Mandel, who has made a career out of losing Ohio’s US Senate seats.

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3 Responses to JD Vance(R-Thiel) Is Having Authenticity Problems, Again

  1. Pure poetry. This kick’s Dampnut, his followers and Vance in the crotch all at once.

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    • tengrain says:

      I have not seen any polling on this race, but my instincts are telling me that Josh Mandell would be easier to beat in the General Election than JD Vance. Mandell’s positions and his public record (including what we can discern from his divorce) are opposition papers in the making.



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  2. How long before he’s hung in Hillbilly Effigy?

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