Your Daily Gohmert


So speaketh the Gohmert:

So… send the traitorous Stupid Coup participaants to Gitmo.

Problem solved, doofus.

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12 Responses to Your Daily Gohmert

  1. If they’re still being held, without trial in 20 fucking years, screwey louie, you might have a point…

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  2. Czippie L'Shimp says:

    He just wants to make sure the conditions are as good as possible since, if all goes well (hint: it won’t), he and several of his colleagues will be joining them soon.

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  3. Richard Portman says:

    What a dumbass. Also his accent is fake. Disgusting.

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  4. ming says:

    Well, if only that were true. Y’all Qaeda is a bigger national threat than Al Qaeda.

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    • They always have been.

      Bin Ladin pulled of the greatest trick the devil ever pulled: getting the US to damage itself orders of magnitude more than a couple of planes and a few thousand casualties ever could.

      And Y’All Queda lead the way…

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  5. roket says:

    Louis Buller Gohmert Jr. (R – Grand Wizard) used to be a judge. Weird that a former judge doesn’t remember how a bond hearing works. Guess compromised White evangelical Protestants don’t have to worry about that shit.

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  6. Zorba says:

    Louie is trying to cement his reputation as the dumbest person in the House. He’s got stiff competition from Boebert and M. T. Greene, though.

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