First Class Jerk Should Be Cancelled

Louis DeJoy’s USPS

Yup, DeJoy is a self-dealing crook:

New documents detail conflicts of interest DeJoy faced as post office head

New documents detail more than a dozen conflicts of interest Postmaster General Louis DeJoy faced because of his and his family’s investments in a number of companies closely tied to the U.S. Postal Service.

Amid ethical concerns and criticism, DeJoy initially recused himself from decision-making related to those companies, fully divesting himself of them under public pressure only in August 2020 — months after he took the top job.

The U.S. Postal Service maintains he acted in compliance with ethics regulations.

Then something is wrong with the ethics guidelines.

Noah Bookbinder, the president of CREW, said the documents raise concerns that DeJoy, a Trump donor who took over the Postal Service in May 2020, could have taken advantage of his position in the months before he recused himself.

Bookbinder said the documents appeared to show that DeJoy and the Postal Service believed recusing him from decision making regarding the agency’s relationship with these companies would be enough, but Bookbinder called that conclusion “woefully inadequate.”

“Everybody knows that he has these interests,” he said. “And so even then there are going to be potentially incentives, even if he’s not in the room, for others to make decisions that could benefit him.”

Sounds a lot like when Prznint Stupid turned over the family bidness to Junior Mints and Twizzler.

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  1. “Conflict of interest?? There’s no conflict of interest! Our interests mesh perfectly

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