Where Are They Now?

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From last night’s email thingie from the Gawd Save Whatevs people:

It’s difficult to quantify the GOP’s descent into authoritarianism, but here’s one approach. Of the hundreds of GOP lawmakers nationwide who have spread election lies, and nearly two dozen who actually participated in the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally, only one—West Virginia state delegate Derrick Evans, who filmed himself entering the Capitol—has resigned. The rest—who account for about 15 percent of all GOP state-level lawmakers nationwide, have either suffered no consequences or seen their political fortunes within the party rise. Three actual insurrectionists are now running for statewide office with Donald Trump’s support. Four are scheduled to speak this week at a QAnon conference organized by a genuine neo-Nazi. And that’s to say nothing of the non-elected Republicans who have entered GOP politics on the coattails of Trump’s election lies, including Kari Lake, the frontrunner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Arizona, whose platform includes lies about the 2020 election and threats to imprison her Democratic opponent and unnamed members of the media.

From the Politico link above:

In the end, the list grew to 21 lawmakers who fit the DLCC’s broad definition of “insurrectionist” — everything from attending the rally to joining the demonstrations on Capitol grounds — and another nearly 600 who promoted “Stop the Steal” rhetoric or signed letters or briefs calling to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Based on the 2020 count of state houses across the country, the DLCC’s group represented more than 15 percent of all state-level Republican lawmakers.

And nothing happened.

This confirms something we’ve long said: no one cannot shame the shameless. They wear their hatred and ignorance with pride.

Related: New apologia for the gallows those peaceful tourists erected: it wasn’t a working gallows, so it doesn’t count:

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6 Responses to Where Are They Now?

  1. We have Q his own self running for Congress here in TTSKoA. (and planning to make not reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop a federal crime!)

    And our AG is in court today telling the State Supreme court that they have no business telling legislators what counts as ‘budget’ related in the state budget bill. (this is the ‘Go Covid!’ mask mandate ban that our cast of rabid clownweasels on PCP illustrious Republican legislators stuck in their session ending State budget bill, violating the (passed by wee the stinky pipples!) state constitutional amendment limiting legislation to one subject only. )


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  2. roket says:

    I believe Soylent Blond said it best (coincidently in the last post): It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because the atmosphere of “The View” “The Big Lie” breeds drama: producers can’t control hosts, manage conflict or control leaking.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Not a working gallows? Would he care to test that?

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    • MDavis says:

      They didn’t test it there. I will allege that this is the only reason they claim it was not a real gallows.
      The uprights are stabilized enough to stand upright, the crossmember is on top of those, all three appear to be 4 X 4’s, plenty sturdy enough to hold Pence’s weight. The rope is tied around the crossmember, so it would also support the weight. I can’t speak to whatever they were using as the trap door, but I would really be interested in how this claim, that it was not a “real gallows” is supported.
      I’m thinking that the noose is better supported than that claim.

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    It looks as real as Tamir Rice’s gun.


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