Cruelty Is Always The Point

“For ME?!”
Joe Manchin’s demands must be met!

Joe Manchin, the trash panda of the Senate, has a new and incredibly cruel demand to make. (Axios, so all the weird formatting is theirs):

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told the White House the child tax credit must include a firm work requirement and family income cap in the $60,000 range, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.

And a voice rings out:

And now, some hard facts for West Virginia:

Silly parents! Why don’t they just buy a coal mine like Manchin did, or a pharmaceutical company like his daughter did? The answer is so easy!

Cruelty is always the point with Republicans (and Manchin). Always.

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3 Responses to Cruelty Is Always The Point

  1. GranDude says:

    Paraphrasing DG, they’d be happy roasting sparrows on a shower rod living under a bridge as long as the Others don’t have a shower rod.

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  2. Hello TG. Seems Manchin is going down the list of every idea the progressives wanted and Biden ran on to killing them. Manchin has two goals it seems. To set himself up for a run for governor as he realizes he wont be reelected to the Senate again which means he needs to be able to brag about holding the Democrats at bay and protecting his wealthy donor class at any cost. He will need them when he runs for governor. But he originally promised the progressive Senators if they supported his bipartisan infrastructure bill that had poison pills designed to shift costs to the public and cuts out most any of the public only needs, he would agree to up to four trillion dollars to reconciliation bill for the other stuff. Once he got that support and it passed the Senate he withdrew his promise then started trying to shrink the reconciliation bill to almost nothing or kill it entirely. His anger at the progressives because they stood up to him and did not just roll over has been detailed in the press and he is furiously trying to keep any more attacks on his positions out of the press in his state, again because that interferes with his run for governor. I am so sick of these self-centered assholes who see the elected office as a golden lotto ticket to enrich themselves instead of serving the people who elected them. The people mean nothing to these assholes as long as they keep raking in the money. Hugs

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    • tengrain says:

      Scottie –

      Senate and Governor are both state-wide races, and so I don’t see returning to being the governor as a possibility if the same constituents want to kick him out of the Senate.

      I do think he’s a self-dealing asshole with a conflict of interest a mile wide, and with only the interest of his donors and not his constituents.

      I read that one of the bribes dangled in front of him was to put the manufacturing of the solar panels in his state and transitioning the coal miners to manufacturing making WV the beneficiary of the change of power production. He turned it down. He owns a coal company with his son, and he’s going down with the ship.



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