Book ‘Em

Those oaths to Serve and Protect? Not so much:

A U.S. Capitol police officer was arrested Friday for obstruction of justice charges related to communications with another man later criminally charged for participation in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot by Trump supporters.

The cop, Michael Riley, allegedly deleted Facebook messages to and from that person a day after the other person was arrested on Jan. 19, and previously had urged the man to delete information from that own man’s Facebook page which showed him inside the Capitol during the invasion, according to a charging document.

It’s not like they actually knew each other, they were Facebook Friends:

NBC News, citing law enforcement officials, reported that the other man is Jacob Hiles, a Virginia fishing charter boat operator who pleaded guilty last month to illegally parading in the Capitol.

That man and Riley “did not know each other, but both were avid fisherman and members of fishing-related Facebook groups,” the indictment says.

…Facebook always leads to eff’ery, we keep saying it.

Riley, who had never communicated directly with the man previously, wrote, “Hey … im a capitol police officer who agrees with your political stance,” the indictment says.

“Take down the part about being in the building they are currently investigating and everyone who was in the building is going to be charged,” Riley allegedly wrote. “Just looking out!”

Obstructing justice is not a good look for Capitol Police; according to the article Riley is a 25-year veteran of the force, and you know, should have known better. There’s no crime in being in the same fishing discussion, there is a crime when you direct someone to delete evidence.

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3 Responses to Book ‘Em

  1. YellowDog says:

    Facebook friendship is like Facebook research: meaningless.

    Years ago, now, South Park did an episode about Facebook friends.

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  2. MDavis says:

    I wait to see charges against those officials who downplayed the insurrection/riot and would not send in support. Funny, that, internet trollish types go hot and heavy after Nancy for “not” calling for protection and for making the poor slobs sleep on the floor in the hallways, but I haven’t heard much about the police officers who were on the scene and saw no support until things were well out of hand.
    I wait, but no bated breath. I don’t look good in blue.

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  3. roket says:

    It appears that oaths of office rank right up there with wedding vows. Sounds like a White evangelical Protestant to me.

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