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It seems that once your company is indicted for tax evasion, your contracts with the Fed should be cancelled. Who knew?

Observers Call on the Federal Government to Stop Doing Business With the Trump Organization 

Federal procurement and oversight experts argued on Tuesday there is a “clear cut” case for the federal government to cease doing business with the Trump Organization.

Noah Bookbinder, president of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington; Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight; and Steven Schooner, professor of procurement law at The George Washington University Law School, sent a letter to five federal agencies regarding the Trump Organization’s lease with the General Services Administration for its hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., which has been subject to much scrutiny and controversy, as well as the organization’s operations as a whole.

“The legal basis for suspending the Trump Organization is clear cut—so clear that it is remarkable a suspension has not already been issued” following the 15-count indictment against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer in July, they wrote. This was for tax related crimes dating back 15 years (both the company and CFO pleaded not guilty).

And that’s before we get into the old, “who’s the landlord and who’s the tenant” mess.

They added that on Friday, the House Oversight and Reform Committee released documents that showed Trump hid hundreds of millions of dollars in debts from GSA when bidding on the hotel lease, provided misleading information about the hotel’s financial situation, accepted millions of dollars in emoluments from foreign governments and more.

As one does.

“Any one of you may issue a governmentwide suspension and we implore you to do so immediately,” wrote Bookbinder, Brian and Schooner. Suspensions are temporary exclusions from doing business with the government when an investigation is ongoing and debarments are exclusions for a set period of time after an investigation or legal proceedings against a contractor. This can be for either procurement or nonprocurement (such as grants and cooperative agreement) situations.

I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me this could also end Hair Füror’s lucrative side-hustle of charging the Secret Service retail rack rates to stay in his trash palaces, including Merde-a-Lardo.

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  1. Bruce388 says:

    There was an allegation awhile back that TFG’s properties routinely jacked up the room rates during his vacations in order to grab even more money from the Secret Service agents. Since TFG is such a patriotic American and strong Christian, there’s no way he could have known about that. And Charles Pierce is Czar of all the Russias.


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