Today, In Gaslighting News

Keep punching!

Guys, so this happened:

Cool! So Hair Füror’s hand-chosen candidate to run against Senator John Warnock in Georgeduh, Herchel Walker’s nascent campaign is off to a fine stat, amirite?

Per the Daily Beast:

Former NFL player Herschel Walker, who is running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, canceled a weekend fundraiser Wednesday after one of the hosts used a swastika comprised of syringes as her Twitter profile picture. Walker’s team had initially defended the woman, film and television producer Bettina Viviano-Langlais, when an Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist pointed the image out. “This is clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic,” a spokesman for Walker said. “Herschel unequivocally opposes anti-semitism and bigotry of all kinds.”

The “clearly” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. Who are you gonna believe, your lying eyes or our lying candidate?

After defending the syringe swastika, Walker canceled the fundraiser with Viviano-Langlais, with his campaign flack now saying, “Despite the fact that the apparent intent behind the graphic was to condemn government vaccine mandates, the symbol used is very offensive and does not reflect the values of Herschel Walker or his campaign.”

What? No clearly?

When your PR Flack is running an “our candidate is NOT a Nazi” message in the first weeks of a campaign, you’ve kinda lost the messaging battle right there. This is a pretty good example of the Streisand effect.

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8 Responses to Today, In Gaslighting News

  1. roket says:

    “We have reached out for a response from the Walker camp.’ Clearly they’re talking about the Hershel Walker Concentration Camp.

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  2. If he is running his own campaign, he’s too stupid to blink without visual instructions and a ouija board.

    If he’s not (Pro-tip: Nope, he’s a tool, a complete twerp), whoever IS running his campaign is delusional to the point that they can shit in their hand and call it ramen soup.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Is she friends with Laura “I use the Nazi salute” Ingraham?

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  4. osirisopto says:

    The only thing that can save him now is if he pays TFG to go on stage and say he knows for a fact that Walker isn’t Nazi wink, wink

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  5. Lofgren says:

    One of the weirder aspects of modern politics is watching “sensible” Republicans standing right next to guys in swastikas who think the wrong team won WW2 (they demand an audit!) while screaming, “No you’re the Nazis!” at us.

    Guys, the Nazis have spoken.

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  6. Hello TG. I am not the most educated person but I fail to understand how a minority candidate would be comfortable being associated with a minority killing / abusing party as the Nazi’s. Really if you were trying to attract more minority voters, which is the only reason Republicans would be putting up a minority candidate such as a black person is to get more black people to vote for their candidate, why in hell would you include as a sponsor those who align with killing and abusing minorities? Are they so deep in their white always in charge privilege that they don’t see the cognitive dissidence here? It hurts my brain and I am not even Republican. I hope this sinks any chance the GQP has of taking back those senate seats in Georgia. Hugs

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    • Abu Scooter says:

      In this specific case, it’s a personal matter for Mr. Walker, best known as a star running back for the University of Georgia gridiron team in the early 1980s. NFL draft rules then prevented his career from starting until 1984, but a certain Former Guy talked Walker into joining the latter’s USFL* team in 1983, instead.

      The two of them have been close ever since. Not that this says anything great about Walker.

      *I adored the USFL at its inception, but soon realized that it was just a huge tax-evasion scheme. IIRC, a couple of its more famous owners got caught up in the S&L scandal. How TFG avoided jail after it collapsed is one of life’s great mysteries

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      • Bruce388 says:

        TFG is the main reason the USFL failed. He insisted on moving their season to the fall to compete directly with the NFL. The USFL had a chance to succeed if they had kept their season in the spring.

        After the smoke cleared the USFL sued the NFL and won the princely sum of $1.00. With triple damages the amount jumped to $3.00.

        A theory was TFG was trying to muscle his way to owning a team in the NFL without paying NFL prices.

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