Georgeduh On My Mind

What is it now, Georgeduh?

“The elections office in Georgia’s heavily Democratic Fulton County said on Monday that two workers had been fired for shredding voter registration forms, most likely adding fuel to a Republican-led investigation of the office that critics call politically motivated.

“The workers, at the Fulton County Board of Elections, were dismissed on Friday after other employees saw them destroying registration forms awaiting processing before local elections in November.”

This doesn’t sound like Democratic politics (no earnest Powerpoint slides with charts showing how this would work with a little Steve Kornacki emoji hopping about all jangly, charts weighing the pros and cons, vigorous debate and rancor and hurt feelings), but it does have the (brute) Force that the Dark Side so deeply loves. If Fulton County is really heavily Democratic, those registration forms were probably for Democratic voters, and the rat was truly eff’ed.

If anyone knows anyone in Fulton County, ask them to check their voter registration.

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  1. MDavis says:

    I saw a post on this. It ended with a reminder that voters whose registration did not show up at the polls can vote provisionally and then their situation will be reviewed.
    I half expected the post to say that voters who try to vote when their registration didn’t get processed can expect arrest.

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