Texas: ‘Y’all Will Have Your Rapist’s Baby’

The Virgin Mayor of Keg City Justice Kavanaugh

(undated file photo)

Here we go again: Texas’ abortion ban is back after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a lower court ruling that had temporarily blocked its enforcement.

“The brief order, issued about five hours after the appeal was filed, did not rule on the merits of the state’s request. Any decision from the 5th Circuit could put the issue back before the Supreme Court, which declined to block the law when it took effect Sept. 1 but said it raises serious constitutional questions.”

The DOJ has until Tuesday to respond in court. But don’t worry as we know that Gov. Abbott has sworn to stop rapists, and Texas AG Ken Paxton has giddily told nearby states that the law is a boon to interstate commerce and tourism.

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1 Response to Texas: ‘Y’all Will Have Your Rapist’s Baby’

  1. roket says:

    Sadly, I suspect very few, if any, of those forced births will vote republican.

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