Area Man Tries Novel Legal Gambit to Avoid Testifying: N’uh-Uh!

Steve Bannon’s legendary animal attractiveness on display

This will be interesting to watch play out:

(CNN)Steve Bannon will not cooperate with the House select committee investigating January 6, his lawyer said in an email obtained by CNN that cites former President Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege.

You know, the Executive Privilege claim that the actual president, President Handsome Joe Biden, has denied.

Bannon’s attorney told the committee that “the executive privileges belong to President Trump” and “we must accept his direction and honor his invocation of executive privilege.”

There are some eency-weency, teeny-tiny facts that make Bannon’s claim —to use the technical term— stupid:  1) former presidents don’t get to invoke executive privilege to obstruct Justice; and B) Bannon left Hair Füror’s administration in 2017, so there would be no privilege to invoke for Jan. 6 2021. On the date in question, Bannon was a private citizen and self-employed podcast host and  “on the air.”

No, really, I looked it up!

Also: Calendars? How do they work?

If Bannon skips his depositions next week, the January 6 Committee could vote on a contempt resolution and send it to the House for a vote. If passed, it would be up to the Justice Department to act on the referral, which… maybe? So far Mr. Garland has not impressed me with his ability to shake a leg.

Or, the House could have the sergeant-at-arms detain Bannon until he agrees to cooperate, but they have not given that jail cell thingie a cleaning since it was last used in 1934.

Anyway, it is not difficult to see what Hair Füror is up to here: delay, Delay, DELAY and hope that the Republicans take the house in 2022 and smother the January 6 Select Committee in its sleep. And in the case of Liz Cheney, that might be literal.

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12 Responses to Area Man Tries Novel Legal Gambit to Avoid Testifying: N’uh-Uh!

  1. Mr. Bannon looks a great deal like somebody with whom I might have attended college when I returned to school after the war. That person would have become tiresome sometime in his third year as a sophomore. You need 120 or so credits to graduate, and that poor sap kept repeating core courses needed to graduate. Freshman composition was an example of a gate-keeping class.

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  2. sos says:

    but they have not given that jail cell thingie a cleaning since it was last used in 1934

    So … roughly the same length of time since Bannon has bathed?

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  3. schmice3 says:

    How much time did Susan McDougal serve for refusing to testify on a land deal involving the Clintons?

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  4. Redhand says:

    Time to perp walk this rancid tub of offal off to jail, again.

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    • Richard Portman says:

      Oh, ugh. I ‘d like to see some photos from when he was young and pretty. Probably that was never. Even then, ugh.
      On bad days, i say that at least as i am not as filthy as this turd.


  5. I think I saw a clip of this greasy glop of gelatinous goo today, babbling on like mushroom-stump was still president and that he’d be re-installed probably even before 2022 -and that all they needed was 10,000 er no 20,000, yes 20,000 beathing dildos to accomplish this fece , I mean feat.


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