The Big Lie, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

The Big Lie news from Virginia, which we call Virgin for short, but not for long:

Youngkin continues call for ‘audit’ of election machines in Virginia

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin continues to call for an “audit” of the voting machines in his state, an echo of the Republican push to investigate 2020 election results around the country following former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of fraud.

“I think we need to make sure that people trust these voting machines,” Youngkin said at a Monday event hosted by a Richmond civics group, according to a video reviewed by POLITICO. “I grew up in a world where you have an audit every year, in businesses you have an audit. So let’s just audit the voting machines, publish it so everybody can see it.”

As you may be aware, Youngkin (R – Carlisle Group) is in a tight race against Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and his top policy is auditing the 2020 Goat Rodeo. Oddly, he has ALSO said that President Handsome Joe Biden won the election, so he is trying to have it both ways.


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  1. spotthedog says:

    Actually I think it would be great if he keeps flogging that word “audit”; its not nearly the Possum Hollar emotional motivator that words like “guns”, “jesus”, “abortion”, or “immigrants” are in comparison, so rock-on dude.

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