Louis DeJoy Should Be Fired, Severance Pay Sent By USPS

Louis DeJoy
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The big evil plan of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy —who serves at the pleasure of the USPS Board of Directors, and NOT of President Handsome Joe Biden— kicks into effect today because unbelievably he is still employed.

Mail delivery slowdown: USPS to slow delivery starting October 1

Mail delivery for many Americans will slow starting on Friday, part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s blueprint for overhauling the U.S. Postal Service in order to slash costs. But critics say the slower delivery standards could cause problems such as late bill delivery while more broadly undermining the public’s faith in the USPS.

Slashing costs, slashing faith. You decide what is the real motivator here. I do not understand planning a deliberate slowdown.

  • Late bills = late payment, but I bet that the banks will not become lenient with overdraft charges.
  • Late delivery = spoiled medicines in Possum Hollar (and elsewhere) and replacement meds will not arrive any sooner.
  • And late delivery = uncounted votes for those states that do 100% vote by mail, giving Republicans another way to monkey with democracy.

I do not know why the now-majority Democratic USPS Board of Directors has not fired his ass, but DeJoy continues to sabotage unfettered. Maybe they are waiting for the colossal FAIL that will surely come with the holidays? Maybe the Board thinks it needs cover for HR?

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5 Responses to Louis DeJoy Should Be Fired, Severance Pay Sent By USPS

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    As I understand it, one of the Democratic board members is essentially a DINO, and is determined to keep No-Joy on (follow the money, perhaps?). Handsome Joe has the opportunity to replace this DINO soon, but until then, we’re basically effed in the dark unless Biden decided to break the rules and fire No-Joy directly (wait, what am I saying, of course he won’t do that).


  2. laura says:

    Back scratching is why DeJoy is still in the big chair- he knows who’s palm to grease. Coincidentally, I just received notice from the “Team” at (major department store chain based in Seattle), that as of Nov. 1, the penalty for a late payment has a substantial increase. When the bill is slow to get to your house and slow to get to the payment processor, the penalty is more likely than not.

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  3. Honestly, this is why I long, LONG ago gave up on using the mail for bills in favor of online payment; and my stoopid insurance company fubared prescriptions-by-mail.

    (Walgreens centralized their mail-order operations in Phoenix, and our insurance company’s prescription drug management contractor then flagged them as ‘out of network’ and promptly canceled the prescriptions.

    The name of this ‘prescription drug management contractor’ ?

    Walgreens. )

    fortunately there’s one easily accessed on my ride home so it’s not a biggie to pick them up.

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  4. MinuteMan says:

    It’s time to fire as many members of the postal board as is necessary to obtain a majority for firing DeJoy. Actually, past time.

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  5. pagan in repose says:

    Ever since the Gee Double U fiasco the Republicans have been trying to destroy the Post Office so they can justify privatizing it to UPS and FEDX. The result will be the end of efficient handling of the mail at an unbelievably inexpensive postal rate, and the beginning of inefficient and expensive handling of the mail. And further decimation of the country.

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