(UPDATED) The Betting Windows Are Open!

Weaponized Pelosi
(Idea stolen without shame from the much-missed Zaius Nation)

If I were a betting man (and the windows are open for your wagers), I’d put my Quatloos that Pelosi is going to pull the smaller infrastructure bill from the floor today. She doesn’t have the votes and one of her best legacies is that she has a 100% record of bills passing.

Never bet against Pelosi.

As for the Senate, besides the fact that Joe Manchin is a crooked SOB, he does come from a state that voted for Hair Füror by +39. His motives are clear.

But no one knows what the eff Kyrsten Sinema wants. A new Civiqs poll in Arizona finds her with a dismal 17% to 65% favorable rating among Democratic voters. I assume that her fundraiser earlier in the week holds the real answer: she’s lining up a lobbying gig, probably with Big Pharma (she ran against it in her primary and has carried water for it in her capacity of the Senate).

Anyway, it’s time to call their bluff: give Manchinema a red pen and a copy of the bill and tell them to mark it up to their liking so we at least know what they are objecting to.

I have no idea what is going to happen. I don’t think we are going to like it.

UPDATE 1: Say, what? Manchin proposed $1.5T top-line number to Schumer this summer

“I wasn’t trying to be a fly in the ointment at all. I’ve never been. I’ve never been a liberal in any way shape or form,” Manchin said. “For them to get theirs, I guess elect more liberals. I’m not asking them to change. I’m willing to come from zero to $1.5” trillion.


UPDATE 3: The finger-pointing begins

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5 Responses to (UPDATED) The Betting Windows Are Open!

  1. This is an email I got from her campaign yesterday. I have no fucking words….

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Cult of personality charter member. We have no idea what she stands for or wants, but we all know who she is by now. Public but coy doesn’t cut it. We so need fewer people like her in government.

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  3. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    Even if they red-lined the bill with thoroughness and exactitude, Sinema at least, based on previous performance, would then renege on every mark she made. There’s no solution for reasonable, ethical people dealing with someone like her. You’re forced back on fantasies of secret kidnapping, or skilled application of a padded hammer, or a big gift box of powerful hash brownies (if the chocolate’s strong enough, she’d never know, the high lasts for hours and hours – trust me!), and they’d eventually find her drifting around the Sonoma singing “I Gotta Be Me”.

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