Smooth Theocrat In Virginia Race Says Nothing, Everything

The best theocracy

Virginia  “call me virgin for short, but not for long,” is a really interesting political story brewing with long-time Democratic political machine and former Governor Terry McAuliffe in a virtual tie against Hair-Füror’s hand-picked toady Glenn Youngkin. Virginia —often nicknamed as DC’s Suburb— only recently has been a reliably blue state so this is a head-scratcher.

Anyway, Axios has a story about how Youngkin is a shy proponent of The Big Lie:

Standing on a flatbed hitched to a John Deere tractor in red Rockingham County, Virginia, Glenn Youngkin decried California liberalism and bashed his rival, Terry McAuliffe. He also encouraged early voting. Two words he avoided: Donald Trump…

Between the lines: Youngkin believes Biden beat Trump in the 2020 election legitimately. But while speaking with Axios, he wouldn’t say whether he would have voted to certify the election on Jan. 6 if he were a member of Congress. He did say there’s “no room for violence in America.”

And here’s the star quote:

Renzo Oliveri, McAuliffe’s press secretary, said in a statement: “Glenn Youngkin —who is proud to have been endorsed by Donald Trump four timea — has said Donald Trump represents why he’s running for governor. His whole campaign has been predicated on Trump’s election conspiracy theory and his plan to ban abortion in Virginia. Glenn is a Forever Trumper and Terry will not let Glenn do to Virginia what Trump did to our country.

It’s a cleaned-up version of an old, first generation SNL skit about Nixon, and done pretty well, gotta admit. Youngkin is a stealth theocrat, the evangelicals are over the moon about him, so don’t let his demure comments go unremarked: this dude is as dangerous as Abbott in Texas, he’s just smoother.

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