Group Hug At The Cheney Household

What it means when Liz Cheney puts a foot in her mouth

Over the weekend, the most important former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation’s history, maybe ever and ousted 3rd-ranking GOP member of the House, Rep. Liz Cheney (R Blam-Blam), did two things: 1) trolled Hair Füror by tweeting that she liked presidents who win re-election (complete with a picture of Chimpy McStagger) and B) on CBS’ 60 Minutes said,  “I was wrong. I was wrong. I love my sister very much, I love her family very much, and I was wrong. … I believe that my dad was right.”  A Cheney saying she was wrong about, well, anything, is news.

OK, that’s a start, Liz, but what about the things you actually voted AGAINST, you know, just in the past few months:

  • John Lewis voting rights act
  • LGBTQ business equal credit
  • Access to contraceptives for veterans
  • Protecting older workers against discrimination

Oh, in case you were wondering, Mary accepts Liz’ apology:

“I love my sister very much and am so proud of her. It took a ton of courage to admit that she was wrong back in 2013 when she opposed marriage equality. That is something few politicians would ever do. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the strength of character she continues to show on a daily basis.”

Both of ’em are totally Cheneys. Nothing gets in the way of any Cheney family member political ambitions.

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4 Responses to Group Hug At The Cheney Household

  1. Brad in Dallas says:

    “Is that a croc?!?!”
    “No it’s a gator, cross live in Africa and Australia.”

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  2. roket says:

    Does this mean that Liz Cheney will apologize in 8 years for voting against all those things listed above, or what?

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