Bad Signs, Cont.

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At last!

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  1. schmice3 says:


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  2. Wesley Sandel says:

    I was in the grocery about two years ago and saw “gluten free” bottled water and “gluten free” vodka. The US is ranked 29th in literacy. That’s deliberate public policy. We’re not citizens, we’re marks aka consumers.

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    • It’s not public policy, it’s just marketing, because quacks have convinced a hell of a lot of people that ‘gluten’ is some evil thing. We are still citizens no matter what our consumer choices.

      We rank 29th in literacy because collectively we’re too fucking selfish to pay taxes. Boomers like myself got an enormous boost ahead becuse our parents and grandparents willingly, even happily paid for it.

      If all the trumpian fucktards ever actually looked at tax rates during their “glorious Old Days When America Was Great For White Heterosexual Males” they’d plotz.

      Top brackets were north of 90%, yet oddly even folks like Howard Hughes didn’t flee for better tax burdens outside the US. (Well, maybe Howard is a bad example, since he fled to his penthouse in Vegas and concentrated on growing his fingernails…)

      We’re the selfish fucks who got everything handed to us and therefore think it’s all just free.[1]

      I know aomeone who actually has celiac disease, and while she’s grateful for the sudeen appearance of a lot of food she can now eat[2], the casual claims of people who think gluten ‘makes them sick’ and pontificating at her over the benefits of a ‘gluten-free lifestyle’ makes her crazy.

      [1] Yeeah yeah yeah #NotAllBoomers #OkBoomer.
      [2] Except for all the shit labelled ‘gluten free’….that isn’t…that she has to find out the hard way.

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      • E.A. Blair says:

        Back in the early 1960s, I can remember my father talking to a friend of his who had received a promotion and raise; the man actually bragged about being in a higher tax bracket. It was a source of pride back then.

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      • beckymaenot says:

        I agree with your sentiment about education and taxes BDR- but I also must argue that it HAS become public policy to water down public education- because, well, we haven’t done enough to fix it and our kids are NOT being properly educated. Selfishness has also become public policy-for the GOP anyway- (see “america first” and the people who support it.) Hate it- but it has become public policy to fuck up our education system- I suspect- to create citizens just smart enough to run the equipment and die in the wars, but not smart enough to vote out the assholes who are fucking us over. Early in the experiment of American Democracy, they knew how important public education was to have an informed, educated citizenry. Republicans recognize that too and that’s why they have worked so hard to destroy public education for 30 plus years.


      • Early in the experiment of American Democracy, they knew how important public education was to have an informed, educated citizenry.

        Actually, our modern widespread public education is a 19th century thing; as America industrialized, they needed more educated workers, and the needs of industry required a ramped up production of engineers (as in industrial designers not train operators) this was when Engineering as a professional class became widespread.

        The advent of widespread testing ind teaching-to-the-test in the late 80’s-early 90’s is what really started ‘dumbing down’ our public education system, as well as starving it for money and jettisoning the ‘unnecessary fripperies’ like arts, and shop classes, etc.“Back to basics! Readin’ Writin’ and ‘Rithmatic!!” was the battle cry. “LOWER TAXES!” Was the other.

        By nature I am a firm believer in the Craftsman ethos that ‘Mind and Hand both need to be trained together’; this is something we’ve lost in our modern system, partly because we’re largely a post-industrial-worker economy (which is NOT AT ALL the same as ‘post-industrial’: Industrial output in the US has risen steadily over the last 50 years, while industrial employment has fallen precipitously. ) partly because we’re too cheap to fund them, and partly because we have a long and shameful history of funneling minorities into “dead end” vocational tracks while the wealthier whites were funneled into the college track.

        (our original sin, sadly, is alive, well and still widespread…)

        But a ‘well-rounded’ education IS a long-term benefit, for both society and the individual. Workers with more exposure to different subjects are more flexible and better able to cope with rapidly changing conditions, and these skills can command better pay.

        Now, of course we have very expensive technical and trades schools popping up because the US economy DOES need well trained tradesmen and women. Gee MBA’s can’t actually build things. Hookoodaknowed???

        But the 0.01% who are the backers of the GOP, don’t want to share and keeping us stupid and desperate suits them JUST FINE. They honestly don’t really give a damn whether the US deteriorates to a 3rd-world hellhole; THEY can live in their gated communities above the fray, go anywhere in the world they want and can afford to buy anything they want. Their lives are perfect and luxurious; they don’t care about anyone else.


  3. Forgot the comedian who said it (and I expect many have) “This gluten thing is so bad in LA, you could probably hold up a liquor store with a baguette…”

    I have recently seen in my local hippie-ish grocery store ‘gluten free’ meat, and ‘plant-based’ bread.

    And gluten free beer:

    What’s a beer without wheat or barley?

    Well, not beer for starters….kind of like the nonsense on the Bud Light cartons advertising their ‘purity’: “Water, barley, hops, rice”

    Which always gets me singing

    🎶One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…🎵

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