They Were Hacked

The Stupid Coup

Last week the news broke that Hillary Clinton was right: there is a vast right-wing conspiracy. The hosting site Epik was hacked by Anonymous and we learned about Nazis, fascists, and other extreme right-wing groups, their user names, e-mail addresses, passwords, home addresses, phone numbers, and other data about its customers, which include 8chan, Gab, Parler, Daily Stormer, Texas Right to Life, Proud Boys, and many others. But it is the Stupid Coup organizer Ali Alexander who owns over 100 domains that are pushing Stop the Steal  that caught our attention:

Just days after supporters of former President Donald Trump violently stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, Ali Alexander, one of the primary organizers of the rally that day, appeared to be busy, attempting to hide his ties to dozens and dozens of websites calling the 2020 election stolen.

Domains tied to Alexander that pushed Stop the Steal, which the Daily Dot reviewed, including ones he publicly posted on as himself, were scrambled in the wake of the riot to hide ownership. But hacked documents show they trace right back to Ali and an anonymize service from the web hosting company Epik.

It is a fascinating story. Go read it.

You might already know something about Ali Alexander from another of his aliases: Ali Akbar, who twice pled guilty to felony charges before changing his name.

Anyway, the Epik hack is giving hate-group researchers an early Christmas present. Stay tuned for more, because it is certainly coming.

PS, the CEO of Epik is a dude named Rob Monster. “It is your destiny.”

UPDATE 1: Epik was warned, did nothing:

Security researcher Corben Leo contacted Epik’s chief executive Monster over LinkedIn in January about a security vulnerability on the web host’s website. Leo asked if the company had a bug bounty or a way to report the vulnerability. LinkedIn showed Monster had read the message but did not respond.

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3 Responses to They Were Hacked

  1. ali redford says:

    Awesome. Just that Anonymous did that, may have made my day today.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    To be Frank(enstein), it figures that someone would put a monster in charge. Just waiting for the villagers (media if you will) to realize they’ve been had. Kudos to Anonymous for exposing the vermin…

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Steven Monacelli of Protean mag broke the story last week and has been a go-to source. Lately, he’s been trolled by butthurt right wing maniacs because of this.

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