Hot Takes, Cont.

No words, none, for this:

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  1. genelms says:

    It is a shame they are dead. That still does not negate the fact that many got that way through stubbornness or stupidity or both.

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  2. Art says:

    Mockery is one of the few remaining avenues for influencing authoritarians. They have no conscience or shame over what the do so simply explaining it factually doesn’t work. Mockery still bites because authoritarians really, desperately, need to be taken seriously.

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  3. lofgren says:

    At this point, we have an obligation to point out to the survivors, over and over and over again, that this is what happens when you don’t get vaccinated against a deadly disease.

    Also, many of these people were insufferable, supercilious assholes in life. If you’re going to be an utterly condescending prick heaping pity and scorn on me for “sheepishly” getting vaccinated, then I get to take a victory lap when you finally kill yourself with your own arrogance.

    That first justification is about saving lives and Democratic politics.

    That second justification is just for me.

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  4. Richard Portman says:

    Stop Death Shaming! They say.
    Who thought that one up?
    Once the people are dead, there is no shame.

    What we are trying to do is get this virus under control, so we can go to our markets and museums and gardens.
    I am not ashamed for calling these asshole tvhead idiots out.
    Death Shaming! indeed.
    This is bullshit.
    Also, i am allowed to mock the unvaccinated dead. They tried to kill us. They took their own advice and they died. Fuck around and find out. No sympathy.

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  5. I’m having a hard time understanding what she hopes to accomplish with this. Is she attempting to seize some imaginary moral high ground?

    Stop shaming intelligent people for doing what’s right, and getting vaccinated, Mrs. Bruenig.


    • I’m having a hard time understanding what she hopes to accomplish with this.

      Punching liberals. That’s all it ever is. We don’t get to have feelings, or anger, or agency. Only the monsters get that. And we must placate the monsters, lest they consume us.

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    • Richard Portman says:

      Nah, she’s just a kid. Her parents are probably still alive. She is way out of her place.


    • spotthedog says:

      I took time out of my life to read her article and I would say yes, she is attempting to seize moral high ground. She pleads for an “honest persuasion effort” and a thoughtful understanding of the various reasons each individual may have for not getting vaccinated to be followed by calm polite sensitive reasoning to gently guide them towards an eventual acceptance of the vaccine’s benefit outweighing its risks. And I guess The Atlantic paid her for that.

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      • Infidel753 says:

        “Thoughtful understanding” and “calm polite sensitive reasoning” are not appropriate responses to abject stupidity and flaming lunacy. In fact, they’re outright dishonest in that context. It’s like when they ask us to respect religion. If you want respect, stop being ridiculous.

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      • I’m only down with her sentiment if she’s volunteering to be on the front line of this “calm polite sensitive reasoning” push, otherwise she can blow it out her ass. At least the daily homily can be used as TP.


  6. E.A. Blair says:

    My ability to empathize with the suffering and dying has its limits, and I chose to reserve what I have left for those whose illnesses are not brought on by their own willful ignorance. In the cases of the most obnoxious and outspoken covidiots who start mewling about their misfortune when they fall victim to their own stupidity via the virus, I can’t help but feel the schadenfreude and enjoy the fact that our world is about to have one less asshole in it.

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  7. spotthedog says:

    How does she know that mocking the unvaccinated dead does not save lives? I say bullshit, it probably has saved a few lives by prompting some skeptical dumbasses to go ahead and get the shot.

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  8. Osirisopto says:

    They chose to kill themselves very slowly and very painfully and to take a whole bunch of other people with them by metaphorically playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic handgun.

    As heart-wrenching as it is to watch these poor bastards suffer so horribly, and die so needlessly I hold no compassion for them. We need to dispose of the thousands of dead bodies before they attract vermin, and make room for the next thousands of COVID suicides anxiously waiting their turn.

    That’s not mocking the dead. It’s pragmatism in action.

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  9. Mr.Sulu1967 says:

    If only Elizabeth could just sit down and talk to the unvaccinated; that would be the inflection point in curtailing the pandemic.

    Meanwhile, I will continue to point out the obvious.


  10. GranDude says:

    I adhere to the never punch down rule. However, these fuckers are doing it to own non Death Cult members putting them in the ‘up’ category. Stupid has always harmed and killed humans. No virus would target them a few years ago. It’s an effing Cult, none will change without cutting their information stream

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